Suggestions For Spring 2017 Anime?


true, it did sound odd because it’s Chinese. but 1st episode was promising at least. anyways what do you think about Eromanga Sensei


Definitely looks interesting but i know better than to get my hopes up. So far so good is my only comment. What are your thoughts on it??


I liked Orimo this one seems to be on a similar topic and the Eromanga Sensei is cute. other than that I don’t think I’ll like it to the point of remembering it. I thoughts other will have a diffrent openion concidering the number of facebook post I bumped into. but seems like I was wrong


Oreimo was great but though the premise seems simillar i dont think em sensei will go down the same road as oreimo mainly because season 2 turned into some really deep sh*t. Also oreimo (after countless rewatches) seems to have been very well planned and has a lot of easter eggs (plot-related and other ) planted throughout both seasons and its one cohesive project. Eromanga sensei so far seems all over the place and the brother sister relation-ship seems quite different than what we saw on oreimo. I hope it will be a good anime like LN adaptations tend to be but we’ll have to see.


since you seem to like Oreimo, do you know any similar characters to the kuroneko san?


She’s preeeety unique a goth tsundere loli with chuunibyou?? I dont think i know any of that sort. I can reccomend that woman from WataMote but it really depends on what you like about her. So let me ask you this do you like the aloof kuroneko that is practical and cruel to kyouske but still crazy enough to cosplay in public 24/7 or the kind loving dere kuroneko that loves kyouske in her own way?


first part she was more entertaining than the MC


Then run of the mill tsudere/ quirky girl would do the trick. ‘Senpai’ from Flip Flapers might be your cup of tea
*(bad) pun intended


guys I did watch it but I had to download it twise


I watched an episode of that seems like a anime for little girls.


Yeah well it probably gives of that vibe because it shoujo anime but its a good anime i would recommend it.


Why do you download everything twice man??


What??? It only happened to clannad


You said it happened to oreimo as well!


Whaa??? no no just clannad


So Lol i finally got around to watching all the new anime i have picked
Those been, and what i think of them personally :

1.Boruto - Call me crazy but really does bring back them naruto feels, I have a feeling it’s gonna be epic.

2.Armed Girl’s Machiavellism - Well now this certainly is that cliche anime , right? well yeah pretty much but it’s fun and isn’t that why we watch anime in the first place :grin:

3.Eromanga-sensei - Lol well this one is definitely one to keep an eye on , but why do i get this feeling that it’s not gonna go the way we expect it to?

4.Sagarada Reset - Okay now this one I’m all in , If you like time travel and philosophy stuff…well look no further.

5.Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor - This one just started off been like “Oh, okay so it’s more of a comedy” and then became like "And the protagonist emerges (Not in a bad way) ".

6.Sin - Nanatsu no Taizai - Nothing to say I’ll be straight, it’s utter crap till the Un-Cen version comes out

7.Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata - :sweat_smile: So i had no idea this was the second season…So no comment.

8.Re-Creators - Okay , Okay we get it …Blah Blah Blah :confused: :unamused: it’s that hype anime of the season…But let’s get real …Drop your expectations …Give it a try and you’ll find it’s pretty neat with an interesting concept.


Re-creators seemed to be like an imitation of monogatari series but the anime is good.


My list atm is
Boku no hero academia (awesome)
Sakura quest (good)
Kado (great plot)
Re creators (very good)
Sin-nanatsu no taizai (drooling :drooling_face: )
Akahashic records of bastard mahic instructor (interesting)
Boruto. (it is really good to me despite what ppl say)
Danmachi:sword oratorio (Ive been waiting for this)
Ero manga sensei (good)
Granblue fantasy (good)
I think that’s all for me this season.


Monogatari you say?? Now I’m interested… :open_mouth:

How come no one mentioned Clockwork Planet? It has somewhat nice action scenes.


It has that vibe.Like story vibe.But the plot is not similar.Clockwork planet wasn’t good imo.