Suggestions For Spring 2017 Anime?


I heard that ClockWork Planet was quite a slow moving anime , so i didn’t pick it up…but is it worth checking out ?


Has anyone watched sakurada reset??


I really like it as it shows the life of a pro gamer :heart_eyes: and the animation is awesome too !!


Yes definitely bro, if your into time travel and philosophy stuff it’s totally worth it :slight_smile:


I don’t usually follow airing series but i’m thinking of following sagarada reset and/or Ero manga sensei. Or is their anything else that you would recommend? (keeping in mind that it would replace one of the above)


have you tried watching hellsing ultimate

#67 they uplode the episode later than other but the encode mkv…


yep graphics are goooood…than older one but same story…


no eromanga no life…!!
its siscon but it worth it…!!
totally recommend that…:blush:


I like Sagarada Reset, until now it’s pretty good.
But, if you liked Oreimo, you would love eromanga the same.


I’m planning to watch both i was just wondering is there something better in this season (re: creators for example)


Recreators hit me hard.
Kado has a really interesting plot as well.One of the best this season imo.



As expected we all like imoutos


yeah but Eromanga-sensei is taking things a bit too far LOL :smiley:


Hey Hey That’s exactly why we love it right?


well as long as it doesn’t cross the line into hentai, but I’m more into Elf and Tomoe.


Oh… my mistake I thought you were into siscon and brocon like me :joy::joy:
BTW I’m into Ero manga sensei than elf or the others


siscon and brocon are fine, It’s just I like loli tsundere more LOL :smiley:


Tsundere? Me too but Loli? Not so much
But we all have our fetishes, mine is Imoutos :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: