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Post news about new Anime/Manga or any news related to Anime or Manga here.


All discussions related to Anime belong here. No Spoilers in the first post. Even the ones marked as spoiler. If you do really want to, put a spoiler tag like: This is a spoiler.


All dicussions related to manga belong here.


All discussions regarding Light Novels and Visual Novels belong here. This category is further divided into two sub-categories, light novels and visual novels.


Discuss and share Anime OSTs, OPs, EDs, J-rock and J-pop!


Video gaming is one of the largest industries in Japan with over a 40 decade history. A lot of the major video game companies are Japanese. These include Nintendo, Sega, Konami, Square Enix, Taito and Namco.
This category is for discussions about video games both new and old. For non Japanese video game discussions please use the Non-Japanese sub-category.


Everything about Anime/Manga merchandise belongs here


This category is dedicated to Japan originated hobbies and cosplay.


Introduce yourself self!
Where are you favourite anime/manga/Light novels/visual novels?
When did you get into watching anime?
Who's your favorite character etc.
Use this place to get familiar with the rest of the community.

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Everything Elseā„¢ category.

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