Suggestions For Spring 2017 Anime?


i suggest giving Eromanga-sensei a try :3 its written by the oreimo author aaand it hez kawaii imouto


My thoughts exactly


So i uploaded the latest anime chart , and i have pretty much selected my anime for this season

1.Boruto: Naruto the next generation

2.Attack on titan (Waiting for Dub)

3.Sakurada Reset

4.Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata

5.Eromanga Sensei

6.Sin Nanatus no Taizai

7.Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism


Kiss anime ain`t working for sl anymore … can someone tell me a new site to watch anime ? ( i already know )


this one is prob just a ddl site


It’s now :smile:


yay now this works !! ty mate


if downloading go to or

its 100x better than kissanime


Anytime :slight_smile:


Obviously but looks like @Honesty watches online…

#31 i agree but horrible subs??
Cause like a 720 p ep is quite large compared to kissanime ( there might be a perfectly clear explanation for the difference in size which I cannot comprehend so sumimasen!)


@jayrad Well is like a cluster of different anime subs, HS even is featured on so really HS is better simply because it’s cleaner . But kiss Anime is a entirely different thing. Personally i feel there quality is quite good yet there subs fall behind, then again i think if your gonna stream, then Kiss Anime can always be depended on :smile:


Hai but do you know if there is any difference in quality or some other aspect between the two?
I usually download anime from kiss cause horriblesubs 720p anime are about 400mb while kissanime is about 250mb.
Furthermore I’m still suffering from PTSD cause i downloaded clanned and afterstory from but they had indo sub :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Ok first of all baka! :angry: you don’t download clannad , this is because you should just have it :grimacing: . Alright the quality i think there is a difference , though not much …what it basically is ,video compression kiss anime uses a higher compression method i would assume, A basic example would be where the movies on there are a really small size with exceptional quality where as most other up-loaders have to give up video quality if they want a small size


Hmmm… I see…


Whaaaa??? I should just have it???:pensive::expressionless::expressionless:


the size is large because horrible subs don’t cut back on bitrate which is a key factor when determining the quality of highly fluid scenes in anime. Therefore they have to use a low RF value to ensure the above mentioned quality is upheld thus resulting a greater size.


I think @Hacker000 means that you should have watched it already and i agree but if you haven’t go get it right now and biiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggge
P.S. You’ll need a box of tissues and something to hug :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Quan Zhi Gao Shou

have you guys watched this one, it’s Chinese but seems good. also Sin Nanatus no Taizai is borderline hentai


There seems to be a lot of CG. Its Well done but it a little weird, at least for me