[Spoilers] Mob Psycho 100 - Episode 05 Discussion

Discussion of the latest Mob Psycho episode.
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What an awesome episode.

From the animation to the sound track to the narrative, a true roller coaster and one of the best this season IMO.
Hilarious and hype as hell. Mob proves to be to be one of the best this season.
We got some char development, and backstory too.

Best guy dimple is gone!? hope he comes back somehow.

Also, again the fight scene was amazing. Great great animations, and awesome destruction.

This part made me laugh out loud :

what are your thoughts, or hopes for this series ?

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Daily reminder that these guys are in middle school

i too like this series.its quite amusing .lmao when the top of Teru’s head went 0% kekek :joy::joy::joy: :ok_hand:

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lmao if this aint fabulous i dunno wt is

when im ready to cum

haters will say this is not hentai