[SPOILERS] Mob Physco 100 - Episode 9 Discussion

Discussion of Mob Physco Ep 9 . Spoilers below

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another great great episode.

I swear to god, this scene gave me a heart atack for a few minutes. I couldnt believe Mob got THAT dark ,that fast.

cant wait for the battle royaaaleeee. Mob is going to own that shit so hard.
teru looked beat up and battered in the PV as well.

next week come sooner pls.

ya that scene also shocked me … didn`t think that this anime would go to killing :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway it was a illusion so all is good :smile:

Mob owned koyama … Its was like OPM there :joy: but lets see if mob can take all of them on …

can`t wait for next episode !!!