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So any LN readers. Anyone? ANYONE?


@evilkeil is a huge LN reader. I personally have only read Oregairu and mahouka koukou no rettousei. I’m more of a VN person than an LN person but I should get down to reading more.


Oh I see. Oregairu is one of my personal favorite LN anime. Tho I have to criticize the fact that majority of LNs follow the trend of generic characters. I have read the index novels and Mahouka ones myself. Now trying to bring myself to read the fate /zero ones haha.


I don’t want to go through that suffering again. The anime was dark enough, i’ve heard the LN was even darker T_T


Yeah man and I heard they go into the pasts of all the heroes so the pain is like magnified ;;. After I die I want to go join Iskanders eternal army. Completely off topic but did you watch the Kara no kyoukai movies?


I used to read, not anymore. Very selective when it comes to LNs :3


Yep. Have watched all of them. Loved them. I consider them as Ufotable’s first Masterpeice.


I guess reading the SAO LNs does not qualify oneself to be an LN reader. :sweat_smile:


It does man. Hahaha as bad as the anime was the LNs were pretty decent. Even I checked them out :3


Very hard to find any good ones in all honesty. They have this formula they all follow.


Yus! i had read a few including SAO like couple of years ago. Dropped out reading LN as i didn’t have time with all the anime and manga :stuck_out_tongue:


Them LNs are highly detailed and are able to summon more emotions imo.
Source meterial wise I enjoy em more than manga tbh.


Yes,there’s a rise in " skul battle" genre which is getting a bit cringy


There are some really good LNs that don’t see the light of day due to no translators T_T


And a lot of them have this generic mc types. Touma from Index was a bit generic but then he feels a bit different and the two other mcs are pretty good.


I’ve only read the Free light novels. And maybe something else. Not a big fan. But visual novels is what I prefer more. :slight_smile:


One LN I really enjoyed was ‘The Legend of the Sun Knight’! Though I only read it because of the manga~ :sweat_smile: It’s a hilarious read and I really recommend it to anyone who’s interested~

@SwissBiscuits Same! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@SwissBiscuits I think you mispelled otome games :stuck_out_tongue:
On a more serious note, even I tend to play more VNs than LNs for some reason. I only read LNs if I come across an incomplete anime or manga which has a translated and more up to date LN source material.


well most of Ln are generic harems … but i found oda nobuna no yabou which i thought a typical ecchi harem at first. but later on it turned out to be epic. if u dont mind give it a try its in the setting of warring period of japan


There’s a lot of those since anime is used as ads for the LNs. I really hope they continue oregairu tho