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Definitely will check it out.thanks man. Also if you haven’t watched the shinsekai yori anime I suggest you give the novels a try. It’s a quite unique series I would say. None of the cliches you get in usual LNs


I second this! Shin Sekai Yori is a masterpeice. I’ve heard that the anime closely follows the LN but have cut out some parts here and there, which is understandable since they had to fit it all into 24 episodes. The manga strays a lot from the anime but it has a more satisfying ending.


i have already watched animu… so should i still read it?


Anyone read chinese LN?


Chinese LNs?
So are they adapted into anime later, or into Chinese animation?


Some LN are adapted into manhua,but I don’t remember adapting them into anime


we all need to see 8man back in action


Me reads :astonished::+1::+1::+1: