Top 10 most favorite anime of all time

Hmmmm… so I’m an avid anime fan but i always found it hard cuz my most favorite anime aren’t the most universally accepted anime , well they are well received but some of them aren’t what you call classics :stuck_out_tongue: so I wanted to see what your favorite anime are and maybe find people who have similar taste to me, and here is my top 10 anime list.

1.Mawaru Penguindrum
2.Neon Genesis Evangelion
8.Monogatari series
9.Spice and wolf
10.Terror in Resonance


Hmmmm .Tis a hard question.I don’t really have a favourite most I decide the best anime’s in that pertucular year or season. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
If I haaaaad to choose a favourite I’d probably go go with steins gate? Tho there’s anime from different genres that I like as much as that .lmao

That’s pretty interesting O: why Mawaru Penguindrum as a first? :smiley: I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone ranking it their top favourite xD

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My Top 10 Anime Series,

  1. Clannad ~After Story~ - LIFE
  2. Mushishi - Story Telling
  3. Steins;Gate - F**king SCI/FI king
  4. Koi Kaze - Real Love
  5. Hellsing Ultimate - F**king Awesome Vamps.
  6. Madoka Magica - Depresing magical girls
  7. Neon Genesis Evangelion - This is not a mecha anime
  8. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - Equivalent Exchange Theory
  9. Welcome to the N.H.K. - (MY) LIFE
  10. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Epicness

my top 10

  1. One Piece - the best
  2. Naruto - the best but too much fillers
  3. Fairy Tail - MAGIC and GUILDS ~ love it
  4. Bleach - Awesome Action and SHINIGAMI
  5. Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Mafia Families >> HELL YAH
  6. Code Geass - The best strategy and mecha anime for me
  7. No Game No Life - Blank never LOOSE
  8. Attack On Titan - Mystery and SLAYING TITANS
  9. Gintama - White Devil ~
  10. Tengen Toppa Guren Laggan - This drill is the drill that will pierce the Heavens~ EPIC ~
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@SwissBiscuits , lookie here!

Damn straight :3


Ajin - Holy mother of action
One Punch Man - 98%? I would say it’s over-rated but still it’s very enjoyable
Attack on Titan - Action… I don’t exactly know why I like it -.- I don’t think anyone does :v
Death Note - It had it’s moments.
Psycho Pass - That plot twist dho
Nisekoi -; I only read the manga ; romcom, harem, what’s not to like?
Angel Beats - It’s similar to enjoying a stroll in the park… but suddenly you get hit by a bus ;-;
Bleach, Naruto - So much action but even more fillers ;-;

I dont have a “Top Ten”, but i DO have favorites .

One Piece -

If i were to have a no.1 , it would be this.
The animation isnt too great, the pacing often sucks dick, BUT THIS ANIME IS AN UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE.
The best shounen out there IMO . I cant critically compare it with anything else.

Kill La Kill & Little Witch Academia -

Oh hot damn. Studio TRIGGER <3 <3 <3 My fave artstye an animation right here :’) . Crazy crazy, wonderful fun.

Gurren Lagann -

Sweet be-jeezusssssssssssssssssssss… THE MOST UNREAL HYPE.
the best quotes, the most insane scenes and moments. An absolute roller coaster, and one of the best out there. a MUST WATCH.

Tatami Galaxy-

Man, this anime. Unique and thought provoking. A great watch. Funny and Deep, It is weird but equally amazing in its own right.

Samurai Champloo -

Best soundtrack anyone? - One of the best ever ofc. R.I.P Nujabes.
A great mashup of hip hop and samurais. From greatly choreographed action to chilled moments of character building. It is a fun show, for a good time and some old fashioned fights, with a little twist.


More amazing soundtracks! - The Pillows ftw.
Only 6 episodes, of whacky Gainax stuff. that you will probably never understand. Amazing character designs, and crazy scenes.
A great coming of age story.

Bakuman & Usagi Drop-

These really really really, warm my heart up so much that i could burst. Great laid back, fun shows. Great to watch after depressing episodes or shows. I’m feeling all nice and snug thinking about them .

Haikyuu & Yowamushi Pedal -

I love these too sports shows. Much better than Kuruko IMO. Haikyuu is beautifully animated and great fun. Yowamushi pedal is dramatic but MAN, its so satisfying to watch. Both are great shows that truly embrace the sports shounen genre.

Im pretty sure that there are some that i have forgotten, but oh well xD
These are my thoughts.


damn right man its the best :mask:

ya the best quote thing is soo true >> the most insane scenes and moments are also so damn true

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My Top Ten Anime :

1.Naruto - Fillers, yeah sure but i love the show.
2.Dragon Ball Z - Action,Action,Story,Action and childhood feels. What more do you need :grin:
3.Fairy Tail - Who doesn’t love this show.
4.To Love RU - :smirk:
5.Akame ga kill - Made it into my top ten even though i just started watching it 2 days ago.
6.Death Note - Well this one is just in a class of it’s own
7.Code Geass - Just Epic…
8.Erased - Need i say more :sunglasses:
9.Maid sama - Well this was just a bundle of comedy.
10.Your lie in april - Gave me too many emotions, I don’t wanna talk about it :cry::disappointed:


I don’t know, it has pretty dark story but so fun at the same time and its like the most creative thing ever, you can get something new everytime you watch, left a lasting impression on me than anything else.

Lol for me too, there are many more anime I equally so the list could change depending on my mood :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kiznaiver ks probably my favorite trigger anime tbh, don’t like them much.And quite good list :wink:

Haha xD it was certainly creative if anything! I can’t say I understood what the plot was 100% tho lolol, it threw plot twists at your face like nothing as I remember. But it was one of a hell of ride, if anything :smiley:

And since I forgot, my top 10 list would be something like this I guess:

  1. Hunter X Hunter (2011) - the best shounen no doubt =w=b
  2. Shinsekai yori - THIS IS LIKE ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED ANIME EVER… I swear so many people dropped it after two or three yaoi and yuri scenes in the middle episodes, but this anime is so so so awesome
  3. Clannad Afterstory (and Clannad) - compared to Angel Beats (which was good) and Charlotte (which was really rushed imo) this gave you enough time to get attached to everyone =w= the best anime to laugh and cry to
  4. Magi: the Kingdom of Magic (and the Labyrinth of Magic) - :smiley: Magi is love^^ all the characters are lovable
  5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - the best how-to-screw-up-unknowing-innocent-viewers xD that’s Urobutcher for you
  6. Senyuu. (and Senyuu. 2) - these are shorts, but I swear you won’t stop laughing for the entire 5 minutes xD
  7. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - another awesome tearjerker :smiley:
  8. Haikyuu!! (both seasons owo) - the best sports anime, they actually show the sport without disappearing balls (cough Kuroko cough don’t get me wrong tho, love Kuroko). It’s actually a good contrast to Days, which is currently airing and honestly sucks at showing the sport (which is sad since the characters are decent)
  9. Hyouka - the best slice of life and mystery you can ever find… I actually dropped it at first, but then I got really hooked up on it :smiley:
  10. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - another anime to laugh non-stop xD

[Honourable mentions are Ouran High School Host Club, Durarara!!, SnK, Fate/Zero, No Game No Life, Higashi no Eden and Akatsuki no Yona.]

Though like other people said, it can change based on my mood… plus I still have FMA Brotherhood to finish and Gintama among others, so I think they’ll easily top the list once I finish them =w=b
And this is just talking about the anime, if it was manga material, I’d put Tsubasa and Fruits Baskets, which honestly got shitty adaptations ._.

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Boku no picco !!!

That was a good anime smirk :grin::wink: actually can’t see what’s so bad about it =w= the shotacon?

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2-one piece
3-golden time
4-your lie in april
5-re zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu
6-ore monogatari
7-no game no life
8-kimi no todoke
9-tokyo ghoul
10-sakurasou na pet no kanojo
12-mirai nikki
13-death note
14-deadman wonderland
It’s hard to chose 10 of em lol :laughing:


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Guess you and I won’t get along that well… I love trigger stuff.

Trigger do have their unique aesthetic that’s really makes you watch it. Like Kill la Kill!