Shinsekai Yori plot-hole discussion

Well I didn’t understand it well either, then i did hours and hours of research and when I finally understood it I was blown away , I was actually hoping to make a deconstruction of the story here but couldn’t got around to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and great list, but i noticed two HUGE plot holes in Shinsekai Yori but no one seems to notice it and I won’t tell it cuz it’ll ruin the fun, but i couldn’t enjoy it as much because of that.

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Haha is that so~? Maybe you should tell me bout that deconstruction :grin::ok_hand:

And as for shinsekai owo what were the plotholes exactly~? I’d like to see if I did notice them, I don’t remember exactly since I watched it when it aired… And that was two or three … Or four? Lol (?) years back owo

I’m also interested in what are those plotholes? Didn’t notice when I was watching the series…

Ok then, remember when Mamoru and Maria s kid attack the village, kaburagi stepped up and fought her, he clearly was better at using his cantus but satorou said that he is going to die because he can’t kill her due to death feedback( basically you die if you kill one of your own kind) but the kid can kill him because she thinks she is a queerat,but then why didn’t he kill her if he was going to die anyway he could have just killed her and then die from that death feedback or whatever infact anyone could have done it I know its suicide but kaburagi went prepared to die and its stupid because at the end they use that exact strategy, by making the kid kill a queerat.
And secondly how did queerats managed to keep Maria and mamorou hostage anyway, they could just destroy a whole queerat village in a whim infact that’s why they are revered as god.

Those two things bothered me the whole time I was watching it.

Ahh sorry for the late reply orz
And my memory is pretty bad about the details, but lemme try answering owo

For the first question about Kaburagi… I guess what you say makes sense, but isn’t it a problem of mental strength? Like even if he was prepared to die as he said, he was still afraid after all to go that far…? Or maybe there was an exact reason, but I guess fear was the main problem D:

And for Maria and Mamoru getting caught, the novel explains how that happened actually. From MAL:

“Later into the plot it is discovered that the letter was forged and that the two were murdered by the Robber Fly colony. Before killing them, however, the two were forced into bearing a child, called the Messiah by the monster rats, in order to be able to raise the child as their ultimate weapon to exterminate humanity.”

^ this is canon apparently, and they were ambushed by the queerats… Some theories are they used a false Minoshiro… but I don’t know how for sure… anyway, they were up against a whole lot of them, that’s why they lost owob hope that clears it up^^

And anyways, with what Squealer did to their Queen, catching Mamoru and Maria doesn’t seem so impossible to me owo

I watched this series while it was still airing. So I can’t really remember complete details.
But I agree with most of what Dee-chan said, even though you are prepared to die, in the moment of truth, you will be reluctant to pull it off.
But capturing and prevent Mamoru and Maria from using cantus seems impossible imo…It might be a plot-hole as you mentioned. But I’m not too sure on the details.

I disagree because in the end kishimarou( or something like that) was willing to die to save them and he is not even a human , he is a queerat and all the leaders in the village were not people who’d be afraid to die to save everyone and specially not kaburagi,and he did go to die, it was a matter of how, by death feedback or not.

And secondly the whole series was about one human who can use cantus massacring humans who can use cantus themselves,
I don’t see how queerats who can’t use cantus could contain “two” of them and worse force them to bear a child and kill them.

Erm, like I said, the novel explains how they get caught, but the translations are halfway done so idk

And as for the kaburagi thing… Kishi-dude is a queerat, but then again queerats are actually humans, so that about being different doesn’t really apply as I think imo… And Kishi-dude was also talked into it by Saki and Satoru at the end right? It wasn’t exactly his volition 100% … Like he resigned at the end + he was this super loyal dog like fellow anyways, so he did it? That’s what I think, but my memories are sorta fuzzy

No kishi is the one who talked Satoru and saki into it, and he admitted that he even had a plan to rebel against them in the first place so he is not exactly very fond of humans,and what you said was actually in the anime too, about how they caught a false minishiro and got info out of it but how they caught Maria and Mamoru was never explained in the anime it might have been explained in the novel though but it doesn’t sound like something they’d leave out, but these things are somewhat subjective so I could be wrong.

orz, is that how it went XD my memory lolol
welp, I guess it’s still a matter of fear at the end though?
Since throwing your life willingly is not that easy anyways…
I think I’ll have to either watch shinsekai again to further argue tho xD XD

I know that this is a late reply, and I haven’t actually read the books, but I don’t think that Mamoru and Maria were forced to do anything. :frowning:

The way I saw it was, the reason adults try to discourage children from qeerats are because they can easily influence and trick :smirk: children. When both of them ran away, Squeeler sheltered them away from the villagers and then tricked them by providing a safe environment for them. Squeeler then just got rid of them soon as they had a child :fearful:.

The “forced into bearing a child” may be along the lines of “pressured them into bearing a child”. Because this is one of the series that you can’t take everything literally.


Yeah… I had the same line of thought too, that would make sense much more I guess.

Oooo! a Shin Sekai Yori discussion thread!! Ptetty late but felt obliged to post since it’s one of my favourite anime :slight_smile: . I agree with @da.loli on the explanation. Shin Sekai yori had no black and white heroes and villains , every faction was evil but also has some good in them. I also believe that the Queer rats just tricked Mamoru and Maria into having a kid in the basis that they’ll shelter all of them but kicked the two out when the child was old enough. We have to also consider the fact that Marie and Mamoru were desperate escape the humans.

About Kaburagi vs the messiah and Kishoumarus sacrifice.( forgive me if I get the facts wrong or names wrong I watched this series so long ago)
I would say it’s that Kishoumaru has a warrior mentality and his life is the battlefield being the commander of his faction and all and there being lotsa wars between queerat factions and all. He basically goes to battle knowing he might lose his life and his experience mayhaps makes him ready to lay his life whereas Kaburagi, even with all his power is no warrior. Humans live sheltered lives and they are almost never put in positions where they are supposed to go and lay their lives and even if they do take lives of other humans for selection purposes they never do it directly. Kaburagi simply lacks the battlefield mentality to know that you go to one with a risk to your life and no guarantees so he may simply be unable to lay it down even given his circumstances .