What was your reaction to Usagi Drop's ending?

I’ve been reading Usagi Drop for past couple of days, It was really good (for me it was) until volume 9, well volume 9 isn’t exactly bad it’s more like the “cat you’ve been petting turned into a mean dog” kind of thing. Have you guys read it and what was your reaction to the ending? I’m kind of curious

I actually read it after watching the anime after someone mentioned that the ending is different. I think the story was nice and sweet, and consider the ending as a separate plot-line. That way you can think of it as 2 different stories.

tl;dr: DENIAL :sweat_smile:


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Actually, that’s a good way of looking at it, I too read it after watching the anime. I wanted to know what happens next (guess I wanted Nitani and Daikichi to get together) well, I guess I found out LOL :smiley: