Vote in One Piece popularity poll guys

Whats one piece???


Oh its just some niche manga/anime that only sold around 406mil copies.

Yeah i figured it was niche because i’ve never heard of it…

One Piece pops up everywhere
but due to the sheer number of eps I dunno if it’s worth watching
Ur thoughts?

I don’t watch it due to the sheer number of episodes. :sweat_smile:


Its definitely worth watching or reading because unlike other shonen stuff it never gets boring although its pretty big and does not have any plot holes or anything noteworthy, and the scale of the story is only comparable to LOTR tbh. But it may not just be your thing but worth giving a try.

One word to describe it awesome

Well all shounen anime are describable as awesome. So rather than one piece i suggest some thing like HunterxHunter or Bleach. both are very concise with very little filler thus making it able to digest without being bored or intimidated by episode count

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Bleach is a really good anime. But it has way too many filler arc besides the main story line.

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but unlike naruto filer arcs are fun and short

What are you talking about? Bleach has way too many filler episodes compared to One Piece. And no not all shounen anime are described as awesome, Bleach specially went down the gutter. First a cancelled anime then a cancelled manga. Naruto sales went down during the final arc, One Piece went 10 years as the biggest selling manga.

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i never said Bleach had more filler episodes than one piece. Furthermore i never said that one piece was worse than naruto or any other shounen. in fact i’ve only watched a few one piece episodes im not even apt to criticise it. I just stated that the episode count is extremely high for people who haven’t watched a single episode it might be wiser to skip and utilize that time some some other anime(pl.). Also almost every shounen anime/manga has a huge following so a large group somewhere is calling that shounen anime “awesome” is what i meant.

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Yes it’s true, you never said Bleach had more filler episodes you said it had less

which is not true,and you lump every shounen as the same here, Hunter x Hunter is on my top 10 anime but it is nothing like any other shounen, both Bleach and Hunter x Hunter are nothing like One Piece, I would recommend one to someone based on their taste, if you simply recommend something based on no. of episodes that is stupid.

im not saying numberr of episodes make a show good or bad. im just saying that shows with less episodes are easier to recommend

Any all anime can be recommended. Some might like long prolonging animes rather than animes that end with one season or two. Vice versa can be for the others. If there’s a anime that you like you could recommend that to anyone.