Uhmm... Hello there! :D


Ah, hello there to everyone :smiley:
Umm, I’m a super diehard anime and manga lover :smiley: :smiley: sorta to the point where all my hobbies revolve around it xD xD uhhh… as for my preferences… I’ve watched some 400 anime and the half of that in mangas, so it’s pretty hard to name an exact favourite, but these days I’m obsessed with Magi and Hunter X Hunter (Togashi-sensei Y U hiatus TT_TT)

Oh and I guess I’m an “love swings all ways” so all ships can sail with love in anime <3 Yay :smiley:

Ahh, this has gotten sorta long… but yoroshiku to everyone! Hoping to make some otaku friends here ^^ xxx


Yo welcome to the site!
Hope to have interesting discussions with u :3
Its made for anime minded peeps.so ud make plenty of otaku friends here am sure XD


Haha :smiley: Same here^^ hope we can have talking of anime xD


Welcome! enjoy the place. This is a total weeb approved cyber space! :smiley:


Welcome to the otaku paradise of sri lanka u will get along with everyone cuz we are all die hard anime fans :grin::grin: