The Fate series................. Is It worth it?

Guys I’ve seen a bunch of memes and GIFs about the Fate series and it kinda piqued my interest. They even have a Saber Follower Mod for Skyrim. So is it worth watching??? I mean there’s like a gazillion seasons right so give me your thoughts Onegaishimasu!!

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ARE U KIDDING ME…!!! Totally worth it …u gone love it …:heart_eyes:
Don’t start with the fate stay night …

What should I start with?

Fate/Zero > Unlimited Blade Works > Heaven’s Feel

Fate series isn’t as big as you think, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works and Heavens Feel movie are definitely worth it, others are some parrarel universe magical girl shit :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to watch the one’s with Saber ??

fate universe is big. not just anime it got lots of visual novels and light novels with varying level of detail and the spin offs are all connected apart from prisma ilya which set in the same universe albeit in little different circumstances. i recommend you start with original deen version of fate/stay night. then watch fate/zero and then unlimited blade works. there is also OVAs like fate prototype and grand order. after that if you are interested in the series i recommend playing the VN. get the realta nua version. anime is based up on the VN of fate/stay night. and there are games for psp like fate/ unlimited codes and fate/extra. play those too. but first of all watch the anime. fate is a great series and one of the biggest universes there is. oh and i also recomend watching carnival phantasm but do it after watching those. it involves all of the characters present in nasuverse. and do yourself a favor and dont watch prisma ilya. at least not until you’ve watched all major fate anime.


Ok thx for the info I’ll check them out asap

Fate series is one of the biggest, one of the most popular and in my opinion on of the best franchises out there. You should definietely watch it!
As @RogueSamurai said, it’s big, actually thats an understatement, if you count all the VNs, LNs and games it’s freaking huge! So you must be careful at what you choose as your starting point.
As you might have already thought, the original very first entry to the fate series is actually a Visual Novel called Fate/Stay Night. Since it’s a visual novel (and a very long one at that) it had 3 routes for the 3 main heroines namely Saber, Rin and Sakura. All 3 of these routes have names:

  • Saber’s Route -> Fate
  • Tohsaka Rin’s Route -> Unlimited Blade Works
  • Matou Sakura’s Route-> Heaven’s feel

If you’ve played VNs before you will know that routes usually divert later on according to the players choices so the beginnings of all 3 routes are very similar.

Now for the animes, this is where things get complicated:
Anime adaptations of the Fate Route and UBW route are already available and the Heaven’s feel adaption will be released soon, but the problem is that the Fate route anime adaptation was done by a different studio (Studio Deen) from the rest and it is vero old.

Deen’s adaptation of the Fate route was met with much critisism because fans of the original VN thought that it didn’t do much justice to the source material and they did leave out some important stuff. The animation quality though quite impressive for the time but pales in comparison to the other adaptations. All in all while Deen’s adaptation is by no means bad it certainly isn’t as good as the VN nor the other animated routes.

Unlimited Blade Works have two adaptations, one is in form of a movie done again my Studio Deen (which is even worse than there take on the fate route imo) and the other much later as a 25 episode anime TV series done my almighty Ufotable which is one of the best studios when it comes to animation quality. Needless to say the 25 epsidoe anime adaptation done by ufotable is far supirior and successfully fits in almost all important events that happened in the VN route into the 25 episodes.

Heaven’s feel is also been animated by Ufotable and from what we know so far it will be released as a series of movies.

Now things get more complicated, After the widely successful Fate/Stay night Visual Novel, a prequel was released in the form of a Light Novel called Fate/Zero which follows events that transpired a several years before the VN took place and needless to say Fate/Zero is a prequel to ALL the routes in the original VN because as mentioned above, the routes in the VN diverge later on. Also, since Fate/Zero is a light novel, it doesn’t have multple routes and follows a linear story line. Ufotable also adapted Fate/Zero into an anime and it’s as good if not better than even their UBW adaptation.

So which should you watch first?
The popular opinion is that you should watch Fate Zero first because it’s the prequel to the the other routes and all but I’d say watch UBW by ufotable first. Fate/Zero although a prequel, was released much after the original VN so the writer wrote it keeping in mind that the people have already read/watched the original story. Although you can still enjoy Fate/Zero without watching UBW you will so much of what it has to offer becuase you won’t get many references and events which have many deeper hidden meanings for people who are familiar with the original story. But the this is all debatable so I’ll leave you with all this info and you decide :slight_smile:

There are spin off serieses that happen in alternate dimensions like Fate/Kalied Prism Illiya and Fate/Extra but you can get to those later on :smiley:


Thx for the info as expected from @Silver1704
But to be honest I’m a little confused right now so I think I’m gonna start with the VN cause that would make things less complicated right??

Yep but the VN is super long, I think it’s the longest VN I’ve played so far, took me close to 40 hours just to complete the Saber and UBW routes haha. But yes, playing the VN first is the best choice if you can find the time for it.

K then I’ll play it :joy:

here is an installation guide to help you out throughout the process. use it, like above post says play the vn first if you can. dedicate bit of your time to it and you will surely enjoy it. much better than watching the anime in opinion but to you it might be better to just watch the anime first to get a simple understanding of how fate universe works and then play the vn.

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I won’t mind playing it cause it’s not like I’ve never played a VN before

Agree with @RogueSamurai and @Silver1704 .This is a must watch+read series if you are into anime.I watched fate/zero before UBW first time and the other way around the next time.Imo option 2 was better for me. :+1:

That was pretty helpful to understand the chronology and story layout. Still gotta start the VN though. :sweat:

Guys I finished Saber’s Route it was good will finish the others when i get a chance.
Its okay if I watch the Anime Now right?

its Off the Hook man… but be warned it ur in to Magical girls Anime then go for the new “Fate/Kaleid Prisma Illia” series and thats a totally different universe… other than that go for the origina “Fate/Zero” and "Fate/Staynight(Unlimited Bladeworks) cuz the normal Staynight season is kinda boring and Unlimited Bladeworks kinda kick all the other season’s Asses… lol (Y) enjoy!
Ps;- watch the new Ongoing Series too… Fate/Apocrypha <3 its kickass


Thanks BRO will do asap