(spoilers) K Return of kings

So Who is here watched this anime.although you have to watch " k " anime first to get the story.
watch k anime here- http://www.kiss-anime.me/Anime/k
watch k return of kings- http://www.kiss-anime.me/Anime/k-return-of-kings
It’s worth while anime.
Fine Arts
Good story
Excellent Battles

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I’ve watched the first season, Loved it. Never found the time to watch the 2nd/ Maybe I should get it over with soon.
Edit: I also renamed your title heading, you had the link of the topic stuck in your topic heading for some reason haha :slight_smile:

It’s disappointing that mikoto is dead.anna, the new red king hasn’t got the hype he has

The animation was fabulous

One of my favorites! Watched both seasons and the movie(Missing Kings)~

Though I wish they spent more screen-time on Scepter 4… :sweat_smile:

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