Selling a Monogatari Series figure

Hello guys,
I recently bought this figure off eBay

and I’m selling it for the same price I got it since I ran into a slight money issue because I’m bad at handling my expenses :sweat_smile:
I got it for $16, including shipping and tracking charges which cost me Rs. 2487.78 and I’ll give it away for Rs. 2500, rounded off. I haven’t received it yet as the item was dispatched on 09th Jan.
It’ll be really helpful if I can get the money beforehand, and I’ll provide you with my contact details as well as the tracking details of the item.

Drop me a msg if any more details are required or if anyone is interested!
Thanks and good day! :smiley:

I’m somewhat interested. What’s the manufacturer and “type/line” of the product?

Also where are you living? :slight_smile:

These are the details in the listing:

Title: #J325 PRIZE Anime Character figure Bakemonogatari
Manufacturer: Please check in title
Condition: Used
Original Box: Please check in photos (missing box if not find)
All items Shipping form JAPAN and 100% Authentic
NOT listing Fake or Copy

I’m from Kandy but I study in Katunayake so if you’re from around Colombo, I can come down and hand it over :smiley:

Yo is this still available???

Actually I bought it off of him. :innocent:

I should post some pictures here.

That’s sad, I was hoping to buy it. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

:stuck_out_tongue: evil grin. :smiling_imp:

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Damn you SERN !!!
(That’s it thats the last Steins;Gate Reference ill use in my life)

Are you planning to sell the shinobu one da.loli?

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I too have been wondering

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Why would I? :sweat_smile:

I’m hogging in everything I can all to myself.


Daaaaaaamn youuu loliiiiiii!!!

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Thought so …hidoiii lolii!!!

But yeah tnx da.loli.Should check on Ebay or another site.Must be there.

contact yamato one. they do custom orders :slight_smile:

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Thanks!Didn’t know they take custom orders.
Btw there’s this awesome piece on ebay and Amazon.

I don like grown up shinobu that much…

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Not really just shinobu… and ayase??

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Don’t worry…Im the same when it comes to shinobu as well :joy:

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