Rg gundam 00 worth it or not?

I’m not much of a huge fan in RG gunpla. However I am interested in RG 00 Gundam. Has anyone build it before? Were there any issues while building it? I’ve heard RG Gundams are tricky to build and they can easily fall apart. Is this true?

Its better to actually better start with something else to get something else and gaining some ecperience before trying out the gundam 00 because if its your first gunpla you’ll most likely ruin it espeacialy the puting on the stickers need a lot of precision to get right. As for whether it worth it Definitely!! :smile:

I have made a lot of HG gunpla before and they’re very easy to make not to mention easy to handle. My first RG was unfortunately Zeta some of the pieces fell off and I was discouraged to assemble it again. So I stowed it away to build it another time. Building gunpla is a stress reliever for me but I can’t afford to have a gunpla that is stress inducing due to its intricate components.

Well the Gundam 00 is not that easy to build but its not the most difficult gunpla either. So if you can be a bit patient you can build the 00. I can’t actually tell how stable the build is because the 00 that i built belonged to my friend but it didn’t fall apart within the day i put it together and i think he still has it in one piece. plus i think the 00 had some of the coolest looking weaponry Ive seen in a gunpla.

I built the RG Gundam 00 (00 Raiser to be specific.)

It’s a pain in the arse, because there are soooo many small parts, considering how it was my first ever gunpla

Good news - I didn’t lose or break any parts
Bad news - I lost some decals

I daresay, pasting the decals are harder.

The thing is, even though RG gunpla look amazing, in the case of 00 Raiser, the wings of the 00 Raiser tend to fall off, which is annoying.

But other than that…WORTH IT!

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