Random Question

Heyo, i just joined, and i wanted to check out this system, so this is more of a test run.

So for starters, could you guys let me know what youe favourite anime are (top 3 at max)?
i only know a handful of Sri Lankan otakus, so i dont really know whats popular in SL

if you are wondering, my top 3 are,

  1. Monogatari series (whole series, not 1 of them)
  2. Sword Art Online series
  3. Attack on Titan

Hmm… I’d say

  1. Monogatari Series

… It’s so hard to come up with another 2. Cause there’s so many! :cold_sweat:

  1. Madoka Magica
  2. Hibike Euphonium

ohhhh i see, Madoka Magica is one of my favs, but not at the top 3
i havent watched Hibike Euphonium, dont think ill like it that much, Musical anime arent my cup of tea

Hibike is more than music tbh. It has some good drama as well

oh…didnt know that
like, k-on?? im guessing from the clips ive seen its probably more serious drama than k-on

I don’t know
I probably have tash taste
1.guilty crown
3.tokyo ghoul
I watch a lot of shonen :grin:

Guilty Crown and Tokyo Ghoul arent shounen XD XD