Online Nendoroid Shopping

Guys i recently started collecting anime figures, nendoroids in particular. I ordered two figures from ebay and they were quite expensive. Do yall know any online stores which are quite cheap???in comparison
I haven’t bought any from here but they seem to be a bit cheaper but it’s pretty much the same price nendoroids usually cost $10-20.
Unless you got ripped off. :smile:

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10-20$ for a nendroid is great. Most are 40-50$ though

seems like all those are bootlegs, thats why they are so cheap

Have any of you guys heard of this web
I’m currently eyeing Emilia Tan and its cheaper than ebay but not sure to it’s legitimacy???

i know amiami is legit

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ok thx :slight_smile:

Bro how did you know it’s a bootleg (BTW sumimasen I may have the wrong idea about what bootleg means(it means illegal selling of goods right???))

Bootleg means that it’s not officially licensed. They just make the character without approval from original copyright owner. It means that they are taking in all the profit from the figures to themselves, without supporting the creators. :sweat_smile:

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is there a difference between the two??? quality wise?

Most bootlegs are lower quality that their licensed counterparts. :slight_smile:

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I see…
that kinda explains the price difference though right??

Some bootlegs are remakes of the licensed ones. So they might have the wrong colour, or have cheaper materials. Or rough edges. Warped faces.

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So they are out of the question.

The Makise I bought was about 8000 rupees (Mochiron I would spend more than that if needed to buy Makise :heart_eyes:)

Not totally out of the question. Some bootlegs are ok quality. But it’s better to go for originals as much as you can.

Also has some good stuff, might be bit expensive for some items.

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Will check it out thx

Yeah my bad but as i said never really bought any from there. :smile:

Also I own a few bootlegs the seem fine compared to the originals. But the difference in quality isn’t that obvious. It’s like 1080p vs. 720p. I think buying bootlegs are fine especially for a financial stand point. But as @da.loli said there are quality problems but in my experience these are very rare. So buying bootlegs are fine if you are willing to take the slight risk and have no moral conflict about not supporting the copyright owners… :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: