One punch man season 2


when do it start?or what will it be like


i dunno abt when itll start ,but the manga continues so i assume theyll just animate whats in the manga. (manga is great btw in case u dont read it)


Their is a rumor that in season 2 Saitama lost his power. (maybe temporarily)


no such thing happened in the manga tho,well who knows maybe the anime will go original and off manga.(or maybe it happened in the web comic?)


Hope that he will finally meet a rival >>> so that he can fight seriously :sunglasses:


yea i agree …he will find a rival …so whats in the manga i havent read it
and is there any rumour who will be his girlfriend …i mean if there is


i think the storm girl might become his girlfriend ( fingers crossed :stuck_out_tongue: )


Monsta ki-ki-ki…might be a challenge.Still nope.Its One Punch man.


Why her???


well she just came to mind … u know anyone else ?


Shes the only female chara so no. but really hope they introduce more in the new season…


If the anime goes like the manga I guessing it will be a long while until we see sitama’s rival


the anime dosen’t follow the webcomic right, from what i heard Madhouse put their own spin on the story to make it more emotional and gripping…


Ok that’s good to know