One Piece Episode 755 Discussion

Wtf happened to sanji and brook ?? plz tell me that they are not dead :sob::sob:

did they get taken hostage by Big MOM ??

Only sanji … he taken as big moms son-in-law… :grinning:

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omg really ?? well at least he is alive !!!

a full out war against big mom is coming up then ??

nope I don’t think so… They are trying to defeat kaido…

then wat about sanji ??? do they like leave him like that ?

No… Luffy went to big moms place to get sunji back… bt i don’t think big mom and luffy get to fight… (sry for late reply mcn)

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kk, all good now i am relived :sweat_smile:

straw hats will have 9 members in the end !! no one dies or leaves it >> YAY !!