Myanimelist intros

Yo peeps.
Anyone in Myanimelist ?
if so link us ur profile.

Here’s mine .

Send me a request :wink:

Here’s mine:

Drop me a request :smiley:

Here it is >> SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST :smiley:

NOW I AM OFF TO DESTROY PEACE :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is mineee! Not really active at that place, but hey! :3

And now

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Oh and if you guys didn’t know, our anime/manga addicts group is there too :stuck_out_tongue:


i just updated this list.i cant even remember some old anime’s i watched
but here is mine

Am I the only one without a MAL?

Fairly new to anime so I doubt there’s a lot on my list. But here you go :slight_smile:

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Hi! Currently reading “Tales of Demons & Gods Ch.226”

Mainly using MAL

But here are the others.

Hey… I’m Tharindu… from Negombo…

My MAL profile -

Drop me a friend request…

Hahaha! after this thread i’v been getting requests on MAL… im not active there peeps! Just go there for info,recommendations,reviews and ratings :smiley:


######jk i have barely watched anything