Looking for Obscure anime

Erm…hello I guess… Anyway, I’m looking for some obscure, not well known anime to watch. For example, something like Garou Vanishing line. Hope yall can help. Also, you could suggest obscure manga as well. Thanks!

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Hmm how about Serial Experiments Lain the anime?

How good is it 1-10?thanks for the suggestion tho.

Obscure ?
Tired of watching mainstream anime ? :sweat_smile:

Here’s a list !

If you like yuri :eyes: :point_down:

I’m actually gonne be surprised if you haven’t seen this one :point_down:

and this one :point_down:

This one is Chinese btw :point_up:

I’m a fan of OP MCs , so… every anime listed here (except Citrus and Gate) has a very powerful Main character(s)
I’m sure you know what OP MC means but,
In case you don’t know; OP MC = Over Powered Main Character

Also, I didn’t include any Seasonal anime, so if you want to track seasonal anime;
Use this site -

Have fun !

Alright, manga…
Sooo, me… an Isekai fan… is recommending you some manga…
They’re all isekai manga… what did you expect :laughing:

All of these are currently releasing…

And here are some Webtoons ;
(If you’re not familiar with Webtoons, they’re basically online released fully colored manhwa)

My favorite! :point_down:

Noblesse and unOrdinary are available on the official LINE Webtoon site https://www.webtoons.com/en/

Read on that site to help the creators :smiley:

Enjoy !

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I am reading the Quanzhi Gaoshi manga and it’s pretty good. As for the rest I haven’t heard of them at all. So thanks!!!

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Solo Leveling is a favourite of mine too! As is Returner. I’ll be sure to check out the rest too!!! Thank you!!!

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Oh… that’s actually might be a good idea for me too. I’m a slow reader, so I had a hard time reading the subs in Quanzhi Gao shou. I’m should try that manga :face_with_monocle:

Also, check out Quanzhi fashi, also a Chinese anime but the animation is… Kinda bad.
It was fine in most of the episodes but in some episodes, it’s almost looks like the animation team just don’t care about how it looks at all…
I watched it purely for the story, Cuz it was pretty unique and interesting.
Oh… Now that I think about it, it might have a manga…
Why didn’t I think of that before :woman_facepalming:

Oooo nice!
Returner is pretty good too though I still don’t know how to pronounce the Mc’s name

I forgot to mention before but try tower of God. It’s praised a lot for its amazing story and great characters. But I warn you, it’s a pretty slow webtoon. I almost dropped it a few times cuz it was Sooooo slow… Also, it’s pretty long aaand it’s still ongoing…

I’ll check it out thanks!

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