Lanka Comicon 2016 Cosplays

Hey guys! So the first day of Lanka Comicon is over and I’ve seen some amazing cosplays and met some amazing people! This thread is dedicated to cosplay photos of LCC 2016. Here are some photos I took at the event today. Feel free to share any photos you took at there as well.


i dont see ur photos

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I’ll post the rest in the morning

Yay! :smiley: loving the cosplay guys! :3

Thanks NinjaSenpai! Good to see you here!

@Kavisha_Danwatte They were stiill uploading, also had to increase the maximum photo size limit to 4MB to upload these properly

Muahahaha! ninjas are everywhere >:3

One piece !!!

Ah jeez u have got to be kidding :laughing:

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There should be some more pics ya?

Sorry to say this. But, why is spider man having a boner? i’m not saying it’s a boner. But, it is a boner!

It’s called the “bulge” :wink: Spidey’s suite was a bit too tight for him.


Annnd here goes the best set of pictures i saw of Lankan Comic Con 2016 :smiley:

facebook album :


Why aren’t I there :’(
JK, those are some nice photos!

This is being updated as we speak, all pictures are not there! Let me edit the post and add the facebook album link as well :smiley:

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