Konosuba. Your thoughts?

Anyone followed Konosuba. I didn’t expect much from it when I watched the first episode but it turned out to be a really enjoyable watch and the SOL take on the alternate fantasy genre was pretty interesting.


I personally LOVE the series.
hilarious is the best term

It has memorable characters, and wonderful moments.

I cant wait for S2

Kazuma is KING


highly recommended it. Especially if you liked episode 1


Best part for me was that ED. I just fell in love with it haha. Kazuma was also a great MC and he was plain in all the right ways. Now I am sooooo hyped for S2 as well. >.<

Yeah… ED is awesome… One best EDs that season…
And MC is not a pussy and also a pervert… :wink:
Need S2…

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S2 is confirmed xD I think for winter…? not this season as I remember

One of the best comedy animes i have watched i mean hilarious is the best word to discribe it

I consider KonoSuba the best parody anime in existent. It constantly makes me laugh no matter how much I rewatch it. Also Megumin is best grill so its even better.

Edit: Also you should watch the OVA if you haven’t already! It’s hilarious AF

Sorry for the late reply >.<
Yes I did watch it. It automatically became my second favourite OVA of all time.

What was the first? :confused:

An OVA of a series called Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai. My fave SOL anime so far haha.