Keijo! Manga getting cancelled next chapter

#Heartbreaking News.
The anime did quite badly in Japan and because of that any plans for s2 and the manga itself are being cancelled prematurely. The saddest thing is the authors message to us :

I got this from reddit:

Alleged post from the author’s blog (not sure if completely correct, taken from /a/):

I’m very sorry to write this but the timeline was not on my side. You see, the editor came to me last week and informed myself to increase the popularity of Keijo!!! This is not something you can do overnight. I was lost for words, as I believed we were doing fine in rankings. Today, I was informed by my editor that my manga is being removed due to the poor reception of the anime. The anime failed to make an impact, for advertising purposes, and the studio is carrying that loss because of it. It is my fault, and I am sorry. The source material should have been better and I’ve done a great burden. I was actually very surprised by the reception overseas. In various conversations, I was told it was greatly talked about in America. I’m glad some of you enjoyed it, but I’m sorry once again for failing. My sincerely apologies to Takahashi-san and XEBEC.
Sorayomi 空詠大智


easily one of the most entertaining anime in the past year, loved it to pieces .



The author sounds so sad ;_; also, I don’t understand why this show received so much hate when there’s already anime with far worse fanservice. Maybe someone pulled a controversy scene.

No more waifus ;_; This show will be missed.

was a great anime/manga of relief,great after a hard day of skul/work . thing is these type of stories relies on its unique settings so attract readers.but after awhile it looses its “thing” and gets repetitive .which is probs the main obstacle these type of mangakas face.

Saddest news I’ve heard in a while.If they wanted popularity,they should have promoted selling overseas.

Thatś sad, I was really looking forward to s2. Btw Free! got a second season, SAO 2 seasons and a movie. KMN

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Sexist anime industry …

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