[image thread] Love Live Sunshine, who is best girl?

Post an image from the show and say why a girl is best girl.

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Yohane best girl because cool pose!

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Yohane is the best girl…

I will become her little demon… :wink:

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Nice pose. Isn’t it…

But sometimes Riko is best girl too.

She can fly too!

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The girl who lept through time balconies.

Why are all of you forgetting true best girl You-chan?. The true backbone of the group :blush:

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She was my fav. before episode 5… :wink:

Crazy shitz…

I can’t. I don’t even

New BEST girl competitor,

Sister Yuri TimeDoki :heart:
That f**king grin

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You-chan did her best,

Yohane also tried,

But >Dia-chan< totally did own it in this episode! (ep 10)

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You-chan can be cute too!!!
You-chan imagination

You-chan emotional
You-chan :heart:

I’m having hard time picking a BEST girl… :confused:

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Yup No-one could beat You-chan this episode. (EP11)

Megane You

Self-defensive You

But there were other interesting shots too.
Chika X You in costume

Aquors in costume

And last but not least, middle school Chika-chan

I want best girl to be Yohane, but all these character-specific episodes of You-chan and Dia-chan are making me stray from the correct path of being little daemon.:imp:

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This episode had demon summoning,

Sisterly moments,

Best friend gro… erm… skinship

And Going from Zero to One…

@twonline You beat me to it, again :sweat_smile:.

This episode (EP12) best girl is, unnamed loli #1.

We got more Yohane moments too! (Best girl of LLS)

Also Chika-chan’s contact pic of Riko-chan :joy:

More You-poses!

And Riko’s

secret stash


Also, the UTX scene was nostalgic.

as was the school where it all began!

Looking forward to more Love Live Slumbshine!!

And now we wait for the last episode. Hopefully last episode for this season, rather than the series.

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@da.loli Beat you again, mate!

Love Live! finally ENDS :frowning:

Best girl is still Yohane-chan,

I will be her :heart: little demon forever. :wink:

Best Girl Ranking

MC Chika-chan ended as last… But if it was her mom, she might had a chance… :wink:


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Got a bit late to watch this episode. :sweat:

Well, by EP 13 global warming has happened,

and people use Windows 10.

Also Chika-chan’s mom is better girl than Chika.

Also this scene became one of my favorite scenes and then

this [video] happened.


After a few concert scenes,

we realize that some of these moms are better than the actual girls themselves…

But in the end the girls finally got their wish.

And thus it ends…

Best Girls:

  • Yohane
  • You & Zura
  • Riko
  • Ruby

Yohane signing out…

See you next season. (if there’s one)

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