Help! need a manga downloader

Hello, I’m looking for a hassle free manga downloader. I’ve been using some programs but sadly they either don’t work well or doesn’t work at all. so here are the ones I’ve been using so far.

Ddomdomsoft manga downloader. - the server seems to be down and the client doesn’t work without the servers. otherwise, it was awesome

Free Manga Downloader - I just found this one but it doesn’t seem to have the manga I want to download.(even after updating)

HakuNeko - this one doesn’t work it takes days to download empty folders.

Manga Crazy - this one too does works but sometimes some chapters won’t get downloaded even after restarting or resuming the downloads. it’s workable but it’s pain :disappointed:

Batoto Downloader - this one is good but it only supports

Also, there’s bakabt but it doesn’t have ongoing ones.

I just want the manga chapters or volumes as zip or cbr files. that’s why reading online or on apps like mangazone doesn’t help.

so if you guys know a solution please let me know.

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i just use mangarock for all my manga needs.

can it backup the downloaded manga as zip or cbr files?

Do you download them as jpegs ??

those downloaders pull the images out o the websites and make neat little cbr or zip files for me to read on a comic reader like the comic rack. usually, the process is very simple just enter the manga name and hit download. or it was until domdomsoft went poof

Manga rock is an app for reading manga i dont think you can get them as zip

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hakuneko works for me but certain sites doesnt work with hakuneko. but i can confirm that mangahere works with hakuneko but mangafox doesnt. empty folder error appeared before but they fixed it in the latest version. download the portable version. if u need my portable version i can zip it and upload it somewhere. also domdomsoft doesnt work anymore because they stopped the support for the software. mangafox mangahere doesnt work and mangareader only works with older database and the program cannot update it. free manga downloader is not working with mangahere but it does work with mangapanda and mangago. give a try for hakuneko it’s what i use after years of using domdomsoft. it’s damn shame what happened to it.

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Thanks for the help :slight_smile: , hakuneko portable one worked, I’m going to stick to mangahere. Installed version still gives me empty folder though. there is also an app called doujindownloader which seems to work too. anyways domdomsoft will be missed it was really good. hope someone makes a fix so we can at least manually add and download manga from it. again thanks for the help

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LOL :smile::smile::smile::smile:

what it’s true :smile: but the portable one at least work so it’s a win

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I usually just google and get my manga sources i know that sounds stupid and painful but since there are so much more manga than anime there a very few complete sites (for ddl that is) so i google and most of the time end up downloading from manga chameleon

that’s a nice site but still, you have to download chapters separately. ripping the manga as a whole is much easier. no offense though your method seems good too :slight_smile:

None taken, it is definitely a pain to download everything one by one so i turn to this site only if there aren’t any torrents for the manga im looking like really old manga or works that are not really mainstream (Onii-chan control and Abnormal kei joshi for example).

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i used to download each image separately, putting them into one folder and zipping it and converting it into cbz before reading it when i discovered manga in my early days of the journey into anime world. which was a damn pain but it was worth it. then i happened upon domdomsoft and it was magic. it will be missed. hakuneko is plagued with serious problems like lack of bookmarking, no way to view older download works and painfully old way of downloading 1 file at a time. someone need to take up on FMD and update it.


I guess torrents are for the popular stuff since people have to seed for them. but yeah that would much easier

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I did that too. it was fun but was also a pain. and it was like 2 years ago so I guess I’m still at that early stage :slight_smile:

Ahhh! remembering the noob days making me nostalgic. :smile:

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If you guys are still reading this, new hakuneko S works like charm. still in alpha version but for the most part it really works. they have overhauled the UI, added connections so downloads are faster among other things. it’s pretty good. here is the link to the source forge.


maybe its time to get back into manga then

Well… (new) Free Manga Downloader seems to work better… but its a pain to get going…’