Help Me to Find a Hatsune Miku Figure

Can Anyone Tell me a Trusted Website to Buy Hatsune Miku Figure?
(The Website that You Guys Used to Order)
If I Order From eBay will It Get Taxed?

Are you planning to get a specific one? Or any Hatsune Miku one in general?

Any Hatsune Miku Figure.

You could just waltz down to Rajagiriya and check Yamato One. They have a collection of Miku Figures. They ship stuff too!

Else you can order from international sites, but their shipping tends to be a bit expensive.

Ebay\Aliexpress normally tend to have more bootleg figures.

Have You Ordered from OtakuMode and J-list

My first ever anime figure was actually an order from OtakuMode

Did it Came Without Getting Tax?

That’s a good question. I actually don’t remember. It was so long ago in 2016. But I think you’d get a tax for TOM.