Can u suggest some anime for spring 2019

These days I’m busy with my studies so could anyone suggest some anime this season.
Except AOT S3, Onepunch Man :grinning::grinning:

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My suggestion is to always wait at least one or two weeks till the reviews hit and then decide if any series is worth picking up based on reviews

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please let me know then :innocent:

da.loli is right, it’s better to wait unless you want to and has the time to explore yourself.

I usually watch these guys videos. also fb feed, all the best girl talk sometimes has some merit :slight_smile:

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I think It depends.
I mean, I can suggest you an anime from this season, no problem. But the thing is, you might not like it, considering the amount of hate it got just from it’s 1st episode.

What I’m referring to is ofc,

I personally loved the 1st episode despite what others think. But in the end, it’s comes to down to your personal preference.

If you are an Isekai person like myself, then there’s a high chance of you liking this.

That’s the only seasonal I started watching this time. But I heard from some people that these two are really good.

But ofc, you’d have to watch Bungou Stray Dogs 1st and 2nd seasons; if you have’t already, before getting into 3. And you being busy with studies, I don’t see watching 2 seasons of an anime just to watch a seasonal as an option.
But ofc, it’s your decision to make.

And lastly,

Has been talked about a lot in the past week.
And i must warn you, many have dropped this anime cuz of the “Bad CGI” in it. Some even said that it’s trying to be Persona and some said the CGI in Fairy Gone is “bad as the bear from Golden Kamuy (from Spring 2018)

I personally Don’t think of CGI in anime as a bad thing but if you don’t like CGI then Fairy Gone might not be for you.

Also, if you’re interested in keeping up with the seasonals, then I recommend using this site,

Well, that’ll be all and I hope this helps.

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@Divino_Ezekiel thnx for mentioning some names.
Kenja no Mago loved it

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