Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2

So who’s following this anime? Its certainly much better than season 1.

Yeah. It’s much darker now than last season. Let’s see how it goes.

Note: I still only got to watch 1 episode. :sweat_smile:

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Ah damn I was just going to talk about the more recent episodes. I can promise you though it gets better. That’s just my opinion though. You should watch and see. But it definitely trumps season 1. It seems like everyone’s forgotten about it tho hahaha.

Yes agreed way better than the first season, has more of a interesting story now :open_mouth:

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I feel like season 2 is of a different genre that season 1. Less comedic than s1.

Yeap and the new POV character is better than Atsushi imo. Man I am gonna feel a bit let down when this flashback ends

But now its back to season 1 level. :confused:
That first few episodes of past events was the best.