Anyone following The King's Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou)?

A bit like./hack but it’s adapted from a manhua. New episodes are released on every Sunday and decently subbed releases can be found with good video quality on

Anybody currently seeing this?

Is it good ?didn’t bother to cause I heard it was not Japanese or something

It is Chinese - hence adapted from a manhua. I was too skeptical initially, but the story is well laid out, the plot is rudimentary but enjoyable (being a slice-of-life anime, without the unnecessary complexity as with ./hack) and the character development is pretty good.

Only setback would be lack of proper subs. I’ve yet to see and episode where the voice + signs have been translated correctly. But then again the anime is new and yet to attract a significant following.

Btw the chinese audio might seem a bit off. But one gets used to it after sometime.


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Arigato for the info will check it out if I have the time

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there’s also a light novel(web novel) with pretty much daily updates. anime does have a slight SAO feel to it but it doesn’t have all the faults that SAO had.

watch this video :smile: