Anime/Manga Meetup: Episode 45 - Valentines Edition

Hi, Minna-sama!!

ハッピーバレンタインデー!We’re moving our meetup to Cafe Shaze this time so that people can chill better :smile:. We’ll get together and spend this meetup talking about romance anime and all the tears anime made us shed… or not. And as usual, we’ll be discussing seasonals too! Go go Karasuno!! Since Shaze are hosting us we would highly appreciate if everyone can spend at least Rs. 750 per person. Their food is really tasty!

Cafe Shaze, Upstairs (The room to the right)

Alright guys so here’s the agenda
12:00 PM – Meet Up starts
01:30 PM – Hiru Meshi! (Lunch)
02:45 PM – Chocolate distribution
03:30 PM – Group Shashin (Group Picture)
04:00 PM – Meetup Concludes

And if you can please take the time to fill the feedback form as well:

Standard + Supreme + v rules for meetups:

1.) Don’t be a creeper.
2.) You have to buy at least 750 worth of food/drinks.
3.) You are responsible for all your hardware.
4.) Be mindful of others tenants of the place.
5.) Don’t be reckless and be careful at the premises.
6.) Feel free to share and talk about whatever you like. From seasonal anime to yaoi to whatever. It’s what the group is here for (unless they are uncomfortable with the topic)
7.) Please copy in small sets (so that everyone gets a chance. Don’t try to copy like 500GB at once because it will take too long an some people may not get the chance at all. Instead download like 50GB portions and rotate)
8.) If there are issues with anything or anyone in the group, tell it to an admin or mod.
9.) Bring the bare minimum of stuff required for the meetup (bring a laptop but not your clothes bag or your life savings)
10.) Don’t steal the chocolates.

Hope to see you all there with new anime and discuss how all new anime from the season is kinda’ similar to old ones!

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Thank you all for participating our 44th meetup! It was awesome of you all to come and talk about anime. Until next time :cowboy_hat_face:

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