Anime/Manga Addicts Meet up Episode 13/ALK episode 1 : Kimi No Anime Wa

Hey guys!
I forgot to post about the meet up on the website. Gomennasai :sweat:
Essentially this months meet up is happening tomorrow (I know I know it’s too late to post this but better late than never right?). Here’s the FB event page if you havent seen it already:

If you’re not on FB I’ll copy paste the discription here:

So summary of the agenda is the same as last time:
10:30 AM - Meetup at KFC Jawatte
11:00 AM - 4PM - Share as much as anime as you can! (Yes I copy pasted this from the last one- courtesy to Azara)
No real specific time for food but normally we wait until everyone shows up and then order food and stuff.
Minimum Budget: It’s KFC so Rs.1000 is more than enough but please do buy something because it isn’t nice otherwise :3
Same rules as always (again courtesy to Azara )
1.) Don’t be creepy
2.) Try to be on time as normally everyone orders together. :slight_smile:
3.) You are responsible for all your hardware.
4.) Feel free to share and talk about whatever you like. From seasonal to yaoi to whatever. It’'s what the group is here for. :heart:.
Oh and one more thing based on previous experiences. Please copy in small sets so that everyone gets a chance. Don’t try to copy like 500GB at once because it will take too long an some people may not get the chance at all. Instead download in like 50GB portions and rotate :slight_smile:
Feel free to PM me or any other admin for directions or if you have any other questions, if you want to know how usually meet ups go, if you are too shy etc… :slight_smile:
Alright folks I hope to see you guys tomorrow :slight_smile:

Oh and here’s the event caption for this meet up:

Does the caption in the event photo speak to you?. Do you want to just stop pretending to be proper member of society and just be a weeb for a while? Well then, look no further! AMA meet ups are back with a brand new year and brand new anime! Hang out with like minded people, share anime and eat cheap KFC chicken! We hope to see you all there!