Abriged Episodes

Hey everyone, so recently i’ve seen a few abridged videos on youtube which, if you don’t know are basically fan made edits to the original series sometime with original dubs, and i thought that since there are quite a few of them that you can tell me which one is your favorite from the ones on youtube.

Here are two of my favourite:

Keep in mind these are made in jest and do not mean hurt or belittle the original series


My favourite ones used to be Naruto abridged, and you may have heard about this Anime before Ghost Stories. It’s original english dub is unimaginably like an abridged parody itself. Hentai dubs (on youtube that mostly skim off the excess sex scenes into ‘witty dialogue’ filled scenes) and the abridged films of Evangelion. For example Shinji is (not) a pussy.

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Oh yeah the Ghost stories dub was epic the first episode where whathisname grandfather says ‘when this bitch kicks i’m moving to Vegas’ was epic.

Dude your lie in April was hilarious

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Link it here, man. :slight_smile:

Link what???

I just meant @ChainKsword

to add your lie in april abridged link here.

Hey I meant the one kuro posted above

My bad, really. It just flew over my head. I only noticed the Akame go Kill one. :disappointed_relieved: :sweat_smile:



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19 days later… I’m watching the “Your Lie in April” abridged… :joy::joy::joy: omg my sides…


A better version of SAO: