2020 Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony


Only foreigners can vote, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony

Choose artist one person (group) that you want to vote, please click on the “vote”. You can vote once a day.If you want to add a new artist to the choices, please comment.

Click here to vote!!!


When you can actually vote for the μ’s. God this is why I LOVE japan. All hail nippon.


I’m not sure I understand what exactly this is. :sweat:


The pillows ofc :3
not sure who most of them are though xD


Its for the 2020 Olympics performances :3


But who’s the organizer for that performance? And is that poll really legit?


Seems legit. Well even if its not legit, im sure they gonna have some performer related to the anime industry performing at the opening ceremony! As weebs this is something which gonna give us hibijibees! :smiley:


I wanted to vote for Maximum the Hormone so I could listen to “POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON FREE POOOOOOOOOOOOOONN” ath the 2020 Olympics :joy: :joy:


Waggakki band. Nuff said.


All hail the queen Hatsune Miku…