Yugioh in general


We love the game and we wanna share it !!!
Also whats your opinion on the best decks


I know absolutely nothing abt yugioh.but am somewhat interested


Can you post something which will help people to learn the game? Even i have no clear understanding how the game is played, but always found it interesting. I stayed next to players and watched.

If you post few tutorials here that would be good ? oh and post about your offline meetings and events you guys carry out through out the days :slight_smile:


Hmm a tutorial does sound good, both a beginners and an advanced format would be great…
As to the best deck… I have heard that the Chaos Dragon Decks are the best of em all… :3 idk tho…


I also don`t know how Yugioh is played so a tutorial would be much appreciated !!

but have played pokemon card game so if this is similar to this then it will be easy to understand :grin::grin:


Yeah no problemo il look in for a proper tutorial
Probably might get some of the dudes back here to make one if needed


Can i post about the meetups here ?


Yes u can.run wild with them yugiohness