Winter 2016 Anime chart

So, I know this season started a few weeks ago. So what have you guys settled on to watch this season?

So far I’m sticking with Konosuba S2, Rewrite S2, Masamune-kun no Revenge, Urara Meirochou, Fuuka, Youji Senki. I still need to start on Little Witch Academia.


Konsuba and Masume-kun no revenge is awesome

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But Kuzu no Honkai. :ok_hand:

Yeah thats’s epic too. I heard the manga sold really well. Didn’t get around to watching it yet though :slight_smile: . I would also recommend Seiren.

Is it really good? How good?
I downloaded it but still didn’t get around to watching it.

I think its awesome. Definitely an 8/10 anime. @da.loli

So I started Seiren. Watched 5 episodes. I can clearly say that this anime is targeted at single lonely males :sweat_smile:. So far, I liked it!

I’m currently following “kobayashi san and maide daragon”, “demi-chan wa kataritai” and “Fuuka”. Also, plan on watching “Little Witch Academia” and “gabriel dropout” but there seem to be really good ones I want to check out at least :slight_smile:

You should definitely watch KonoSuba. (watch first season first).

I’m watching Fuuka too, but I’m thinking it going to me disappointing it the end.

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I think the premise of Fuuka is cool but we cant really tell whether it’ll be bad at the end. Kobayashi on the other hand I don’t think its anything special because while it does have all the nuggets of awesome animation that we get from kyoto ani. The story in general doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, at least so far.

I’ve read the KonoSuba Light Novel(only 5 volumes) so I was thinking about watching that too. So thank You I’ll add it to my list. About Fuuka, I didn’t get the “Oh this is awesome” feeling from it too. The manga was good, though. or at least it had good parts.

My favourites for this season are :

  • Little Witch Academia - Trigger saving anime again
  • Gabriel DropOut
  • Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon
  • Demi chan wa kataritai
  • Masamune Kun no Revenge
  • Konosuba

Hmm I think Kobayashi-san isn’t the type of show that will have a proper linear plot line. It’s heavy on the slice of life and its the type of show that highlights glimpses of the cast’s everyday life from their perspective and how they interact with each other and I love it for what it is. KyoAni animation always makes it better though :wink: (All hail KyoAni)

Also shouldn’t the title be Winter 2017? Winter 2016 was last year since the anime winter season starts in January of every year…


I agree on the fact that kyotoani is awsome but if we look at shows like clannad and hyoka, while they are slice of life they have a clear plotline. I think the actual plot is to be found later in the case of kobayashi. And the show itself is quite enjoyable.

I watch masamune fuuka and kuzu no honkai loving it so far but what else is out there that has good illustrations a nice plot comedy and twists???:wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:

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konosuba is good (start with s1 obviously) i would also recommend kobayashi-san if like slice of life or just want to watch good entertaining show.