Where can I read or download light novels for free?

Recently I had the urge to read light novels based on some Anime series that have adapted 3/4th of the content from the light novels. But not many outlets have the light novels I’m looking for (they have but they’re not translated or simply not available) where should I go to look for them?

Baka-Tsuki is the most obvious answer.

Book walker if its not for free.

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As Torao-san said, Baka-Tsuki is the most popular vote. but from what I have gathered, Baka has a very limited collection. it did disappoint me multiple times due to certain projects going inactive. you can find mostly all / any novel you are looking for at Novel Updates they do something similar to what Torrentz did, the titles are there, you will be re-directed to the each respective translator groups website. even if some group drops it and some other group picks it up, this site will automatically update and take you to the relevant translator groups website. this website is yet to let me down. Happy Reading!! :slight_smile:


Try justlightnovels.com