We've reached 100 users!


Hi guys,

It’s barely been 10 days since we unveiled Anime.lk to the public and we already have 100 users! Wow. I’m at a loss for words! At first when we started making the forum I had my doubts whether people would truly accept and adapt to this forum, but all those doubts have now been blown away.
I can’t thank you all enough :slight_smile:

We will keep doing our best to make this place the best possible place for the Sri Lankan Otaku community to hang out!


lets aim for 1000 members just like in the anime/manga addicts group !!! :mask:


Yep! Although in the case of the FB group only around a 50 of those 1000 are active haha. Facebook isn’t the best place to hold group discussions tbh haha, we’d rather have like 200 active used than a 1000 people who disappear after registering.


Congratulations and hoping that we start a trend (not a mainstream one.)


I like where this is heading! lets make it happen!


the last time I visit it was 6 or 7.congrats.hope many will join


Liked (:heart:) for the Haruhi.


Waah congratss!! Seeing so many otakus in one place is truly a bliss =w=b <3 <3 <3