Waifu / Hasbandu ? - Show us why you love them

YO. so i saw a post on Reddit, basically asking to post ONE gif of your waifu. So i thought something similar would be cool. So post as many gifs, or images of your beloved. LET TH WORLD KNOW THAT YOUR WAIFU/HASBANDU IS NOT TRASH

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To start off, i shall name my waifu (@SwissBiscuits) …ahem. Now i dont take it to extreme levels, BUT i love Noriko from Gunbuster ( if you can’t already tell ) to bits, as well as Yachi from Haikyuu!.


She’s Quirky

Shes tough

She has the best shout <3


Shes cute

shes awkardly dorky

shes energetic

note: I also really took a liking to Hikari, from Demi-Chan last season

for Husbando’s i cant say i have many

I’d say Souma , from Shokugeki.

Especially when he gets pissed off

maye also Zoro, One Piece

he’s so cool. you cant not love him


so yep! thats it, unless im forgetting people xD


Shes . . . Perfect

Shes ignorantly whimsical

I have no idea why i like this one

Those are my Waifus… :slight_smile:


Ayase?? I completely get you man one of Saori Hayami’s best charas
Her personality and everything is “flawless”


Finally a person who understands!!

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Sento Isuzu


Sanae Furukawa


koukou kaga

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Dude your preferences are quite different aren’t they?? ( no offence)

Mine?I guess they are😅
Well that’s what you expect from a harem person. :3

we are free to love anyone and we are free to love more than one

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XD perfect :ok_hand::ok_hand::joy::joy:
+they are all ideal type of women.keeping ultimate waifu Sento aside the other two have perfect personalities :heart:

hear is my my best wifus after deep consideration…

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what do u think…??:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::triumph:

could you edit the post with their names, and anime? im not sure who they are xD

The first one I’m Having trouble recognizing but Nagisa!!
One of the most sweetest and kindest charas in Anime history ( second only to Mayuri XD)

Well about time I enter the show Here are my list of Waifu I love from the bottom of my heart

1.Makise Kurisu

My Favorite Tsundere of all time !!!
Her personality and everything OMG OMG she’s just perfect


Mochiron no one can top Makise in my Mind but nevertheless I like her too
“we are free to love anyone and we are free to love more than one”

I understand that most of the people who watched Re;Zero like Rem but for some reason i refuse to see her becoming anything more than a best friend so yah…
EMF(Emilia-Tan Major Fairy”

Also I’d like to mention another chara in particular
She is not a person I’d Consider a Waifu but nevertheless I love her very much too

3.Shiina Mayuri
My love for her is more like a Brotherly Love ( I’m not talking a about Siscon XD)

So yah These are my Waifus tell me what you guys think


Deeply apologize for flooding but can’t feel satisfied if I didn’t mention another few.:see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


Mizuho kazami


Hatsuho Kazami


And most importantly Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Underblade

me too, i get the feeling bro…!! :heart_eyes::slight_smile:

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