Vocaloid Recommendations Pls.....!

Hey Does anyone have any Vocaloid recommendations???
I recently started listening to Hatsune Miku and it was AWESOME!!!
So does anyone know any songs that are on the Kami Level???
(It doesn’t have to be Miku, Recommend anything that you think is good. Albums, Singles, anything !!! and if you know songs of Miku’s which are on the ‘‘Kami Level’’ Do Recommend :wink: )

Almost all songs by DECO*27

Almost all songs by Neru

All perverted songs by GigaP :wink:

Rock songs by yuyoyuppe

Metal songs by UtsuP

Also songs from doriko, KEMU, Last Note., 40mP, Pinocchio-P

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Not God Tier at all, but I really love this as a concept…

trust me, it’s vocaloid

But this one is a really good one

And (but it’s cheating because you can’t tell what’s vocaloid and what’s real)

Find more stuff on IA vocaloid from


Arigato Gozaimasu will chwck them out asap :yum: