VN Reccomendations

i must have played it. i had it in my hdd that died yesterday. i need to download it again.

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Hard Drive Crash a another otaku taken victim by the heartless beast

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all my games and part of my important backups are gone with it too… luckily i had my anime and manga and the games i was playing currently in the main drive. well shit happens… you gotta get used to it.

I hear you man my current 1tb drive is about to crash and both my 2tb are full so i have buy a new drive next week, god knows how many drives have got corrupted over the years…

thanks for the link…!!

how do I solve it plzzz tell me… do i have install jp front or is other package…??

You can use “AppLocale” and patch the windows registry to support japenese language locale. If you can’t find it, tell me ill post a link.

change the system locale to japanese. i have it changed by default so i can run japanese stuff without difficulty. otherwise just use applocale.

control panel — language — change time and date formats (side bar) — administrative tab — change system locale — japanese.

thankz man from now on i pledge life to vn…!! really really thanks…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart: