[Update] Anime.lk Ver 1.2.0

Hey guys,
So this is the first major update after the unveiling last Sunday. Below are a list of changes and new features:

  • New Sub-Category Lay Out:
    Once you click on a main category in the home page it will display the sub categories belonging to that category in addition the latest topics.

  • Added “Upcoming anime” category as a subcategory of the “anime” category.

  • Added “Fan art” category as a subcategory of the “hobbies” category.

Upcoming changes:
We are currently planning on an “offbeat” category to hold non anime related discussions as well an “Overwatch” sub-category under this as most of you are Overwatch fans.

That’s it for now folks.


What about a NSFW category… :wink: :blush:

A lot of people suggested this to us lol. For now though we decided to do without the H-stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

How ever we ARE looking into doing developing an NSFW tag to hide fairly ecchi fan service screen shots from plain site so you don’t get caught your boss browsing highschool dxd screenshots at work :stuck_out_tongue:

now wouldnt that…be…i…n…t…e…r…e…s…t…i…n…gg…

Dont count your chickens on that happening anytime soon though, heh.