Top 10 Manga of All Time

Pretty self-descriptive title, noh? Since we already have a top ten for anime and a top five for anime movies, it only makes sense to have one for manga too as far as I think owob Especially when so many manga gems don’t get adaptations, or get bad ones T-T

Then… I’ll prob go first^^ I have more shoujo titles tho owo

  1. Fruits Basket - classic example of bad adaptations which is such a shame since this manga is so good TT_TT
  2. NANA - even tho it was stopped halfway, this is how to do romance perfectly in a realistic way
  3. Magi - world building, lovable realistic characters, and villains you can’t hate (aka Sinbad, Judal)? Everything here
  4. Orange - really Takano Ichigo is awesome (Yumemirou Taiyou w) but she really shined here :smiley:
  5. Akatsuki no Yona - the best shoujo… Yona has turned out to be such an awesome character… splendid chara development
  6. Kuroshitsuji - because Sebastian and Ciel… lol, no really, one of the best horror (is it really horror tho? idk)
  7. Cardcaptor Sakura - CLAMP is love, no arguments
  8. Kamisama Hajimemashita - another awesome shoujo w <3 Nanami is another perfectly done heroine
  9. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - because Shizuku, Haru, Yamaken, Natsume and Sasayan <3
  10. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - CLAMP mixing all their characters and super plot which is way too complex (clones and past/present/future stuff)

Honourable mentions would go to Kodomo no Omocha, Kuragehime, Haikyuu!!, Cat Street, 14-sai no Koi, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Rutta to Kodama, Soul Eater, Taiyou no Ie, Usotsuki Lily, ,Blue Sky Complex, Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai and Velvet Kiss I guess. YEP, REALLY CAN’T DECIDE T_T

I don’t wanna include Hunter X Hunter cause hiatus T_T and scribbles lolol and Naruto had its slow downs here and there, but I really love them both, buuut I have doubts of putting them up there ugh
Gakuen Alice is awesome, but the ending sucked big time too bad, otherwise definite top ten

And the manga list can reaaaaally change, way more than the top 10 anime list :slight_smile: now that I think about, pretty hard to make a top ten manga list.

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Alright. So once again I don’t have a definitive list.

##1. One piece

Man. … this manga. It simply is the best . Oda ?..more like GOD-A. Amazing storytelling, world building . A huge huge storyline, greatly written and amazing fly designed characters, and just an amazing adventure. Nothing else like it.
The hype, the feels , the tears . Unbelievable .
I’ll read it till the very end. No matter how long it takes, then we read it again. Like I’ve done before :’)

The rest, are in no particular order.

##Rave Master

Hiro Mashimas earlier work. while it’s no masterpiece, it was great. I prefer it over the super generic Fairy Tail. This was Mashima’s early days, so the art is a little iffy ,but the overall adventure is fun !.

##Death Note

Ah, every bodies favorite crime/thriller.
The manga was awesome. From the art to the smart and tricky plot. A cult classic and a common reccomendation to newcomers.

##Oyasumi Pun Pun

Thinking about this, makes me sad. Yet one has to appreciate how masterfully done this manga is. The art is incredible and the story is utterly depressing, yet it has a sense of realism. Not good to read if you are already depressed .

##Prison School

For those who have seen the anime, you have a gist of it. But man. The manga. It’s practically borderline Hentai with some of the funniest scenarios I have ever witnessed. With amazing artwork, and a great cast of characters. Waiting for chapters can be deadly

##Shokugeki no Souma

The cooking manga where you ask yourself. IS THIS REALLY A COOKING MANGA? BECAUSE ITS SO INTENSE! great art by Tosh, delicious looking panels. The story has some ups and dow s but when its up. Maaaaaan @evilkeil can testify to how awesome it is.

##One Punch Man (webcomic/manga)

ONE is a master. The webcomic, albeit horribly drawn is great. The comic , illustrated by the amazing Murata sensei brings a new clarity to the series. ONE pretty much proves that you don’t NEED amazing art to tell a good story.
Please read it for the GARO ARC HYPEEEEEEEE

##Boku no Hero Academia

Fairly new! Great fun. A cool artstyle, and we’ll designed / written cast of characters. A very likable Mc and great great villain designs. Some of the best I’ve seen. An emotional journey, a shounen that is GOOD. If you liked the anime, you will LOVE THE MANGA.

I feel like I am forgetting something though…hmm. if I remember i will update it.


Dragon Ball
Detective Conan
Deadman wonderland
Yamada kun and the 7 witches
Defense Devil

Note: it must be apparent that I have not read Berserk. I need to, I really do.



1.One Piece-not a big fan of the anime but the manga keeps getting better and better.
2.The world god only knows- anime is great too but doesn’t cover atleast 20% it and it has best ratio of romance and comedy in it, just great.
3.One punch man- duhhhhhh!!!
4.Nana - (basically every Ai Yazawa , best shojo mangaka)
5.20th century boys - Definetely one of the best mystery manga on par wwith Naoki Urasawas other masterpiece Monster.
6.Spiral Suri No Kizuna - another great mystery manga which got a bad anime adaptation (relatively though , anime is good too)
7.Boku dake ga Inai machi-another duhh!!
8.Gamble Fish.
9.Shingeki no Kyoujin - some people don’t like the manga for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:
10.Seven deadly sins - probably the best fantacy anything ever.

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:sob: I guess Yazawa Ai-sensei won’t really finish it anymore tho…? Even tho she teased us by releasing a spread for a calendar sometime back sob sob

Yeah looks like it :confused: it’s been too long I’ve given up hope.

//has regrettably given up hope too :sob:
Let’s just hope Hunter x Hunter is at least continued uuu TT_TT Togashi-sensei is a bully owo

Yes but Togashi sensei clearly wants to finish it, even though he went hiatus again on a cliffhanger :stuck_out_tongue: I saw somewhere that kishimoto sensei offered to help him but I’m not sure , on the other hand there is zero enthusiasm about Nana , I’d at least want to know if its cancelled.

Well It’s already listed by MAL as complete, and there are no news so I guess that’s it :broken_heart:

And well Togashi-sensei just seems so against the idea of getting assistants idk why :sob::sob::sob: at least his wife should help him lolol since she managed to finish her series ages ago :joy:

To me these are the top ten Manga. (currently)

  1. 20th Century Boys
  2. Monster
  3. VINLAND Saga
  4. Yotsuba and!
  5. Yokohama Shopping Log
  6. Pluto
  7. Hajime no Ippo
  8. Lucifer and the Biscuit hammer
  9. Parasyte
  10. Naruto (all the things started from here)

I was waiting for someone to say Yokohama shopping log, I hadn’t read it when I put my top 10, but now that I have , it probably is one of the best mangas.

Check out the Lucifer and the Biscuit hammer too.
Don’t fool by the art style please read the first two volumes then you will be able to understand how deep it is.