Summer 2016 afterthoughts!

Summer season is over and a new season is about to begin! Before we dive into fall though, I thought we should look back and discuss about this season in general.

This season we saw the end of Re Zero, Some amzing SOL anime, A new Love live project and much more! I’m gonna start this post by ranking my top favourite of the season based on how much I enjoyed them not thinking too critically.

  1. Re Zero
    Well there’s no surprise there. Only a handful of electronic media have made me shed actual tears and in the case of Re Zero it wasn’t even because I was sad. I was just moved to literal tears in two scenes, that alone makes Re Zero my favourite anime of the season. Oh and Re Zero also gave me what will be an all time favourite waifu REM.

  1. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
    KonoBi has once again proved that anime doesn’t necessarily need a serious plot, action nor drama to make it highly enjoyable. This anime is pure bliss. Lifts up my spirit as soon as I start an episode. All the characters are lovable, the atmosphere is relaxing and the plot is interesting and the one sided romance is so amusing to watch. The main plot is quite similar to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun (another favourite SOL of mine). Also Mizuki and Colette are so cute :3

  1. ReLife
    Not sure if people consider this as a summer airing since all episodes were released at once but since MAL says so I will consider it as a summer anime. I was a huge fan of the web comic before the anime and was pretty hyped when the anime was announced. It lived upto all the hype! This was a perfect adaptation, the VAs were on point, the music was amazing and the animation was also pretty good. I hope they make a second season so I can see some of my favourite characters come to life again!

  1. Amanchu!
    Started watching this show on a whim and I’m really glad I did. Amanchu follows a girl from Tokyo with a major social anxiety problem starting school in an unfamiliar town near the ocean, where she is dragged into a lively diving club by an energetic girl and learns to dive. This anime hit very close to home to me as I’m pretty unsocial as well and have gone through a very similar experience when I went abroad to study. I wish I had an energetic girl like Pikari to cheer me up T_T. Teko our MC going from being an introverted girl who avoids anything that takes effort to a passionate diver who opens up to her friends was very touching to watch. The music was also very relaxing and the animation was good and sharp. Highly reccomended if you want a slice of life with a lot of character development.

  1. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei
    The fourth season of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya takes a dark twist and Illiya is finally forced to face her fears head on. This season was the best Fate/kaleid season to date in my opinion. Artwork and animation was considerable improved from the pervious seasons as well, I just wish they didnt cut out some good parts of the manga. Very hyped for the movie!

  2. Love Live Sunshine
    I’m not a fan of idols. As I kept on holding onto this stubborn decision I kept myself from watching the original Love Live anime for 2 years! But at the beginning of this year my curiousity overcame my stubbornness and I finally started watching Love Live! At first I was like ‘meh’ but as I got to the second season I found myself cheering for the girls and enjoying it way more than I should have, and when I watched the movie I was already a huge fan of the franshise. I still can’t explain why I like it exactly, maybe it’s the big cast of cute but different and amusing characters maybe it’s something else but I couldn’t run from the fact that I enjoyed the original series A LOT!

Fast foward 7 months and we have Love Live Sun Shine!. Being a fan of the original series I was really looking foward to it. Love Live Sunshine also has a unique set of enjoyable characters and for the first half of it followed a very similar plot to the original anime but then deviated to become an original story. I enjoyed this new season from beginning to end but for some reason despite all the amazing characters I felt like it lacked the ‘punch’ the original series had. The character interactions and back stoires were awesome but everything else felt dull. Hopefully the second season addresses that. The music is very very good as shoould be expected after the amazing music from the original anime. The animation was good and the CG for the dances were considerable improved from the original.

All in all so far I like Love Live Sunshine but I still like the orinal series a whole lot better!

There were many other memorable anime that aired this season like Handa Kun and New Game and many others I couldn’t watch because of the lack of time but all in all this season was a good season. Oh and I almost forgot to mention Masou Gakuen HxH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Please don’t google that if you’re at work).

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Have to agree with you on rezero. Got me in tears a lot of times it did.

Obligatory link for our own Love Live Sunshine image thread.

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some good animes were produced this season and shokugeki no soma ni sara , re:zero , mob psycho 100 were my favorites this season :sunglasses:

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Also, I’m surprised that noone mentioned 91 days or Rewrite. :cold_sweat:

Alrighty then.So heres my AOTS for summer 20K16


Had a great start,a good concept and was full of fun characters.Its music was really good and sorta reminded me of shigatsu OP/ED and i love it.
The middle eps of the series was somewhat meh but the story had a good impact and a good core msg IMO,which earned it the NO.1 spot


I gotta say,Im a sucker for anime from this genre.IT was really interestion and amusing to watch.and I honestly didnt find even one episode boring.


You know a comedy anime is good,if you watch the whole series with a facepalm.It was filled with Barakamon references (obviously since this is a prequel) which also probably contributed to why i gave this the 3rd spot.’

#4.Mob Psycho 100

TBH I expected this to be very casual and just another "go with the flow’ type anime.But no, it wasnt and it even got sorta serious at ltimes.
I like the fact that at crucial times the spotlight was given to other characters instead of the MC,which is very rare.

#5.Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

Another great anime.Never a dull moment.Its very similar to the anime “working!”.
Each character had a screw loose somewhere and the anime was pretty chaotic.
A good anime to watch after a long day.

#6.Hatsukoi Monster

#7.Arslan Senki

#8.Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara

#9.Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei

#10.91 Days

#Notable anime:
Qualidea Code,Taboo tattoo,Days (ongoing),Cheer Danshi


Re:Zero is the best anime yes. Infact for me its the best this year so far.I didnt put it here (if i did it would be no1.) because its a leftover from last spring.

               Summer was a great season.cant wait to see what we will get next season.
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ReZero is best type A,
Love Live! Sunshine!! is best type B

both orange manga and anime have boring middle arc i almost dropped it when i was reading it