Suggestions For Spring 2017 Anime?


LOL :smiley: I like Imoutos also monster girls and woriors. I suppose It’s alright to like them right? :smiley:


In anime,yes.No harm in that right? :3


Exactly :heart_eyes::joy::heart_eyes::joy::heart_eyes::joy:


It’s what the world of fantasy is for after all…apart from all the hidden life lessons of course :yum:


Finally someone who understands!


since anime is a bit open about such things, it’s probably true for its fans as well.


You got that right mate


Only thing that matters is people don’t mix up anime with reality…:see_no_evil:


moments i wish discourse had an dislike button


Stop it man. Anime is Genjutsu!! but in a different dimension so think of it like this,
if you grew up in a world where Brocon and Siscon stuff were widely popular would you still criticize it?
After all you were taught from the beginning that it was Natural just like you were taught on our world that it wasn’t so I think Anime is Genjutsu, Dont get me wrong I’m not saying that the Raping on Anime is Reality. I’m saying that some people are bad some people are good but I’m not sure we should criticize them according to our worlds principles. Imagine that you’r a cannibal. You grew up eating Humans. Suddenly your teleport ed into our world. Everyone would loath you but is it your fault?? NO!! you were brought up to believe that it was correct so they cant judge you!! ( So whose fault is it? God’s? Society’s? @jayrad’s??) anyway I hope you get what I’m trying to say. (BTW this could be me trying to escape from Reality LOL :joy: )


Triggered :see_no_evil: I know i know.What I meant is what is bad is bad and people who are unaware of it might get into some weird things after watching anime.(seriously you believe that cannibals could teleport?:joy:
Well I do too XD )


I did say probably :slight_smile:


isn’t that what fantasy is all about.


Wow this shit is deep… :confused:


Hell yah it is Kyodai