[SPOILERS] Shokugeki No Souma- Chapter 180 (revenge match) discussion

Omg the game is on eh? Can’t wait till the battle starts.I’m half pissed at Hayama but after this chapter I feel like he has some proper reason to joi the Central scum.

Maybe central took down his sensei’s seminar (or wtever that’s called) but if that’s the case it means Hayama lost.which is weored since weaker rebels were also winning .

So.is this fgt gonna help souma? O.o so he is anti-central?

Maybe putting trash near Hayama is a subliminal message telling us that Hayama too is trash :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the late reply,

Hayamaaaaaa probably gas a plan. An ulterior motive of sorts. Either that price has lost his Shit.

Finally souma has an actual challenge upfront of him. What will he do :3

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Pretty sure Souma will win, I mean they are not gonna make him lose to the same person twice hahaa.But im guessing it will be like a really close one,maybe something like a last minute decision. XD

Hayama’s new look though… :relieved:

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Ye,losing this and later having another match would suck