[SPOILERS] Re:Zero -Episode 25 (final episode) discussion/review

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SO its finally over? after like 6 months,feels like yrs went by.That was a wild ride wew.

so it was the witch afterall? we still didnt get a proper explanation as to what exactly Barusu’s power is tho.
(also the witch’S (?) voice sounds quite cute. kek)

another soul in teh friendzone
.thank heavens subaru mananged to think of a way to counter the posession,


Smile protected.looks like Rem is losing the war (or perhaps the war is alaready lost?) tbh my Emilia affecttion points slightly increased in this ep.

At he end of the day,for it was a good episode and also a good series.It had its flaws yes,but u can find flaws in any anime if u think too much abt it.(well except maybe Cory in the house which is flawless).
Having the series go in two seasons (spring and summer) which is around 6 months made us more emotionally attached to the characters which helped rezero alot for we were actually worried as to wt would happen next.
and it was good to see Subaru losing his autism over the course of 25 episodes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I sorta wished they showed Rem again, tho it wouldve ended with some NTR for poor Rem.

well now we have to wait till the next season and god knows when that will come.

At the moment for me this is probably AOTY.But hopefully we’d get a better animu next season eh?



Tsk,disappointed that it didn’t end up with this?





The middle episodes were definitely the series strongest , and it got a little weak towards the end.
But when it was strong, OMG it was SO GOOD. Those individual episodes were 10/10 quality .
Unfortunately the pacing had to slow done and the latter episodes became a little weaker.
The characters were awesome, so was the voice acting. Crazy good.
What i loved the most would be the character development through the series for our mcs .
I cant recall other anime that have done it so well.

I loved discussing theories with people,and possibilities! We barely know anything! I cant wait for season 2 to come.
The way the ended it though, was as if they werent sure whther we would get a season 2.


This series was amazing and i would highly recommend it to anyone in search of something new.
AOTY? It has a damn good chance of getting that title,DAMN GOOD.

I am going to miss my weekly fix of Re:Zero and Subaru’s suffering. Rem’s Love (i am sorta sad we didn’t get to see Rem o Ram in the last ep) - Also Patriche true best girl.

I am conflicted on what to rate the series, hmmm


i want to give it a 9, i really do. It was amazing at certain parts but as an entire show it wasn’t “a masterpiece”
I love it though, i love it so much, and i cannot wait until the day where we will see Subaru donon suffer once more .

i guess in terms of watching anime, its back to 0 for me.
Lets see what the future brings!

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This was truly an amazing anime, and a masterpeice on my book yet. As the Light Novel is still on going (and I heard the author has no intention of ending it anytime soon) it’s to be expexted that it won’t have a conclusion/proper finale in fact I’m assuming only a quarter or less than that was animated in these 25 episodes, and to be fair all those 25 episodes were perfect. Thinking back I wouldn’t change a second of it. Although the lack of a proper conclusion makes the anime (this season at least) “impactful” than anime like steins;gate. to make me this attatched to it, cry for it, be happy for the characters from the bottom of my heart and also give me a best grill that will last for a long time I HAVE to rate this 10/10.

I’m pretty sure at this poin t that the witch is somehow very very closely tied with Emilia (not just the appearance) and that story about the hero and the dragon is somehow closely tied to all this as well.

What to do from here
I could wait a few years for a potential second season (which is quite probable considering this is at the top of charts everywhere) when there’s enough LN material to be animated or start the LN.
Right now I’m leaning towards starting the LN though. Hopefully we will get swift translations with every release.

Now that ReZero is over after a 6 month rollercoaster ride I’m going to have a hole in my heart for a long time :frowning: Why must all good things end?? T_T


I heard witch’s voice as Emilias voice where Betelguse gets into Barusu.

With all the hype let’s have some humor maybe? :3

well i think that it was a really good ending without any cliffhangers … THANK GOD TO THAT !!

I really wanted to see subaru and emilia kiss after that emotional roller coaster at the end … oh well guess it has to wait !!

wow nice pic editing this made my day … and i have to say felis is the best waifu, fuk everyone else !!!

also my rating for this anime is


it was good but not one of the best !!

when i saw this i said to my self omg this is one hell of a cool entrance

well i really loved the anime. i really really loved the Betelgeuse… i really really really loved Emilia-tan…there smh on her still my best girl is emilia <3 <3
i suggest those who watches anime to watch this. but i guess this is too much intense to beginners.


Now that it’s finally over.
I kinda wish we saw more of Rem and Ram towards the end. I understand that there was a time issue but even then. Could have sorted something out. The end was like a rom com and it sad. I cried. At least the show didn’t disappoint towards the end.

As much as I enjoyed it, there are clear issues in terms of pacing.

It’s an 8/10 for me.

Nothing more nothing less.
The series had slow pacing to begin with and then when the show started to pick up from Episode 15 onward, the action started to be condensed. Which is why towards the end, the pacing slowed down again despite how hyped up it was before. This would have worked if they had more episodes but for a series with only 24, a constant jarring of mood whip lash is not good.

As much as I love Rem and her speech to Subaru, it is painfully obvious that the episode was dragging. One reason being because they wanted to cater to the neet side of the community. It’s not a bad thing but it wasn’t essential and kinda took away the professional way they handled it. Then again, money is money, and they want to milk it out of everyone which is why Rem is best girl. Also Subaru’s voice actor was only weak in this episode. Maybe he was sick or something.

Other than that, the voice acting was nice, not the best. Betelgeuse’s voice actor had the best performance of anyone I’d like to think. He’s also more experienced so understandable. This show was good. A good show in a long time, so going to miss it until the next season is released. Even though, the end gave us some sort of resolution.

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What a f**king ride this show was,
After 24 episodes of despair… Series ends with a happy ending…
Betelgeuse-chan dieded, for real… So Subaru chose the 3rd waifu… (sadly)

That last scene with Emilia is one of best confession scenes I can remember from recent times,

REM is still the best girl…

But in all seriousness, I liked this series very much… It had many despair moments (which I liked :imp:)… And sometimes it dragged too long (and lack of BEST GIRL in last few episodes…) Still this is AOTY material…