[SPOILERS] Re:Zero -Episode 20 discussion

Holy shit,didnt even feel the time pass when watching the episode.

(spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers )

and that ending .wut THERES MORE THAN ONE WHALES?

and Wilhelm’s sword skillz wew

who do u reckon this is? The Jealous Witch?



OK , so my thoughts on the episode:

It was an okay episode , besides the screen cap above, the ending and some pretty good animation.

The master swordsman is 10/10

notice any similarities to a certain handsome red haired somebody ?
realized after checking out the reddit discussion-
Her name - Thearesia van Astrea
Certain somebody’s name - Reinhard van Astrea
Probably her child? - explaining how godly powerful Reinhard is.

Is Wilhem confirmed dead?- he has a few swords remaining. Might have an inside out sorta scenario.
Even Honorable dog guy, did he die along with his hound? R.I.P DOGGY

More than one whale? - what does it mean ? We thought the witch created Gluttony - the white whale. We know of 3 now.
also, the eye of this whale seemed a different color than that of the one a few episodes prior, will need to rewatch to confirm- but we know their eyes change color too , so there is that factor.

Also we know how people are “erased”, by that mist thing. Is Subaru unaffected this time as well- he had memories of his previous life, but did he retain his memories of these side chars?

Addressing the witch - no hands this time?
why. what did she whisper? - what shade of lipstick was that ? AND WHY DIDN’T SUBARU NOTICE. He thought it was the normal thing. this is the most interesting thing to me.

Also that sound that affects only some, what factors into it. So far to explain Subaru and the things that affected him we use “the stench of the witch” . Maybe this bears no significance, but it is also interesting.

Those are my thoughts so far, and many many questions. Would love to hear your views on it.

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If best girl can be decided by looks alone Thearesia van Astrea could give Rem a run for her money hehe. I loved how they included wilhelm(?)'s memories through out the episode. It managed to add much more drama to an otherwise typical all tactical boss battle. I’m also interested in the fact that there were no hands or pain when Subaru (almost) revealed his secret. Does that mean that it’s not an automatic affect of the course and that Satella is watching over him in person all the time 0_o. Also I think this is the first time we got a proper look at Satella…Assuming that that really IS her and not some other woman.

Also damn it didn’t occur to me that Reinhard and Thearesia share the same name and the same hair. Definetely related. Probably her son. Hopefully he shows up to save the day and avange his mom (provided that Wilheim didn’t get NTR’ed).

All in all this was quite the Log Horizon type episode and I liked the whole boss battle thing, it’s a nice change of pace from all the suffering.

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Oh god i hope not.as if this isnt dark enough already.

@DrCarrot maybe the white whale like multiplied through fission r something? or do u think they r different whales?

It’s hard to say because we just know that Datella created it. Maybe it was a “them” instead.

Regarding the multiple whales- It could be fission too,maybe that’s why it’s eye changed color. Unless that was something different. It would be interesting to see.

Could they be shadow clones of sorts ? If they too are short of an eye and a fin, then that’s probably the case.

Maybe the whale just wants to be the next hokage.kek.

Also I sorta feel bad for young Wilheim (yes the present one is quite badass) he must’ve felt like Thearesia is looking down on him after all his hard work and still was outdone by her

Yep, would’ve been super frustrating.
Those animated sequences tho, those were awesome. Need more master swordsman :3

ya it would be great if they made a OVA showing the master swordsman and Wilheim`s past

Yesssss. I hear theres a LN abt his young days

That ending :scream: it was way to OP for subaru, Kinda feels like the whole anime is against him having a win for once :joy: :joy:

Lel,I heared that the author once said in an interview that he hates happy endings

Really ?? dam i wanted a happy ending …